Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Seeing hope

I recently put up a little note on my DA gallery that I do commissions again, and I'm overwhelmed with the positive response I've been getting. This is the first finished commission I do this year and it feels great. I made it for Tasha who has created this character, Willow, who is destined to change the world. Fleeing society and the burden put on her she is guided by a man who once shared the same fate. I have painted this character once before and now my mission was to paint an older version of the same girl, more wise and with more hope for a bright future. I'm not sure how much I can share of Tashas story, but I loved this quote:

"You must do more than make them listen, my young friend. You must will them, inspire them, to do what is right. Show them the brilliance that exists within you, and they will rediscover the brilliance that resides in themselves"

Now I'm in bed, tired after painting and eating the most delicious home-made burger of all time! It had bacon on it and well... Yeah, I'm just overly excited about food right now since I finally have a fridge after spending three weeks of hot summer without one. It was harsh!