Sunday, May 6, 2012

Weekend Wishes!

This weekend I'm trying to find items that would go well along with light turquoise walls for my new work-space. My new apartment has a long hallway from the main door that includes a little space to put a dining table. Instead of that I'll put two big tables there and make the whole thing into a home art studio worthy of the name. I'll try to get the walls painted tomorrow, I'm doing it myself (for the first time ever) so I hope it'll be alright. To go along with the wall colour I want lots and lots of wooden details and random shades of brown and white. I think it could look really neat with the huge pin-boards I have with all my inspirational images. I'm super excited about getting started with the actual decoration of my new home!


  1. Fantastic choices! Your apartment studio is going to be gorgeous! Thanks so much for choosing my bottles!


    This is a really nice place for wooden goods as well <3 I'm thinking of decorating the fantasy house in France using wood and other natural materials! <3 that zen garden thingie is awesome! I would love to have one of those!!

  3. Thanks for featuring our wooden art blocks. Sounds like a neat project you are starting at your home.