Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Busy but not really

I'm done with all the commissions I accepted before my summer vacation announcement on DA. It feels good that I managed to create that amount of art. I haven't posted everything, since it's not my personal art I don't always feel like putting them up in my gallery.

I made this for a very good friend of mine from school. She has a blog with lots of cool art too!

So, while I feel busy, I guess I'm not really that busy right now. I just haven't spent a lot of time by the computer except while I'm at work, and on my spare time I cuddle in the couch, paint warhammer or play video games. It's a nice break from everything and I feel more relaxed this way. I guess blogging doesn't end up very high on my priority list then, which is a bit sad, but I might feel the urge again eventually.

I only work four days this week, and after that it's two weeks of amazing summer vacation. I'll visit a five day fesitval, see a bunch of awesome bands and then just take it easy, possibly meeting new people I'm excited to see, and things feel good. I'll try to get a lot of photos of my trip, even though I won't bring a good camera. Memories are meant to be shared!

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