Tuesday, July 3, 2012


I'm back from the Peace & Love festival and I've been spending some time thinking about how I used to blog way more frequently before. This break was because of no internet access, but still. I miss posting random inspiration and not just my own art!

These are photos from an editorial called Caravelle by photographer Laura Allard-Fleischl found at the Cool Hour. That whole place is full of awesome fashion inspiration. The feel of these photos kind of reminded me of that grungy festival feeling I've been experiencing this past week. 

To be honest, I was only there two whole days out of five because of health issues. Typical Emmy story where nothing turns out as planned. First of all we got stuck several times on our train trip because of delays. Once in place however I kind of loved it. Putting our tent up, hiding away from the rain, the chaos of thousands of people in one crowded space and the wine to make my head a bit woozy.

Well well, it didn't take long before all those things combined with my tendencies to get stressed and nervous around people and new environments gave me a terrible headache. The second day we have to rush with a cab out of there since I panicked from a migrane and the beginning of a cold. Luckily we had a real place to stay instead of the tent as an emergency resort. The rest of my week was spent on a couch, watching Discovery Channel on a comfy couch while trying to cure a sore throat and a fever that would have been a nightmare in a tiny cold tent surrounded by drunk people cheering and singing 24/7.

I got to experience some of it though, and when I wasn't ill, I loved it. I got to see the bands I had been looking forward to the most and I refused to let my illness keep me from seeing Skrillex and Laleh. I'm home now and that feels good. Hopefully, if I dare to try this whole festival thing again next year, I won't be as sensitive and easily knocked off my feet.


  1. I think you are brave for going there and challenging yourself with new situations like this! Keep on rocking!

    1. I'll keep on trying! It's a good way of finding out if you like things or not, instead of hiding and thinking: "oh I wouldn't enjoy it anyway" as I usually did before :)