Thursday, July 19, 2012

I wish

 The kind Mr.Bear urged me to sit down and paint something, because I've been complaining every night for ages that I'm not creative enough in my spare time. I'm happy I did it, and I'm happy that we ate tasty burgers tonight. I'm also happy because I've been talking a lot to my dear friends Lise and Elysia who don't know each other and they are in different parts of europe, but they are very dear friends of mine.

I don't have a lot of close friends. I'm too shy and too scared I think, so the closest connections I have are over the internet. We talk about life and the good things, the bad things, everything. I wish quite often that I had some kind of teleporting device so that I could just pop over to my friends, talk face to face and do all the things I imagine "real life" friends do. Well, I'll just aim towards getting rich from finding some dragon treasure in a hidden cave somewhere so I can travel instead.

So I made this art journal thingy tonight while drinking some white wine, just trying to forget that I'm awfully tired and kind of gloomy right now. Being creative in this free way without pressure really releases a lot of stress and my art journal is getting thicker and thicker with these scribbly scraps of photos, magazine cutouts and painted swirls. I'll try to fill every page of it but I won't rush. I started about the same time I started this blog, so it's been with me for quite some time. Now I'll head off to bed and read a book. Tomorrow is friday and I'm longing for that lovely long sleep I'll have saturday morning. I need my sleep for sure.