Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Vacation relaxation

 Next week I'm going back to work. While I'm back at home now I still want to enjoy things I don't normally do on workdays. Me and the Bear went out for a picnic! We brought some pringles, a couple of sandwiches, tea and beer. We put the blanket underneath a group of trees and just chilled for a few hours. I was reading a bit and just enjoyed the quiet and the sun. I haven't been that relaxed in a veeery long time. We even got to pet a cute little puppy because some kids wanted to show her to us for no real reason. She wanted a sip of my tea though, that cheeky dog.


  1. Sounds lovely! I've been on a summer break for a while now, but there's no rest she your trying to get a company running...this weekend I'm traveling to a friend though and next week I'm leaving to live in a cottage for three weeks with my boyfriend, soon I'll get my relaxation too!

  2. Relaxing is good! Makes it easier to work again with more inspiration and energy :D