Tuesday, July 17, 2012

When you are young

This amazing art was made for me on my birthday by beautiful Elysia who has a really cute and emotionally important tumblr you should check out. It's about the emotionally scary and still amazing road towards making it as an artist.

I wanted to write some stuff about this since I can relate to so many of these things, and I think they are important to anyone young (or old) struggling to find themselves and a way to cope in life. Combining your creative and sensetive soul with a sometimes scary and harsh reality where you have to make money in order to survive.

For a long time I thought a job with art involved would be impossible for me. Too bad all other options also seemed impossible. I couldn't make it through even a week in an ordinary job without losing my mind, breaking down completely and feeling that life wasn't worth living. Somehow I got through those moments of self doubt and fear. I gathered enough power to continue to work on my art and find some kind of path to follow in order to get a job where I knew I'd get to do what I do best and not just fill an employment slot because I need money.

Before getting there though, things might seem hopeless. There are many nights of soul searching and creating plan B, plan C and all the way though the rest of the alphabet. Concerned adults asking: "What will become of you? How will you make money? But where will you live? Who is going to pay the bills while you pretend to be a child forever?" All those questions are then repeated through your mind and you eventually lose your hope and dreams. But that doesn't have to be the case!

If you somehow manage to get through the doubts of others, ignore the doubts coming from yourself and just keep on going with what you know you want to do, there is always a way. It might not be a straight road and you might have to repeat this scary process over and over before you land somewhere safe. Remember than even though you´re stuck in a place you don't want to be in, you always have your skills and your creativity and that won't leave you. There are jobs out there, and there are alternative paths to go. One day it will happen and once you are there you will be able to look back at that sad and scared person and know that you are truly strong for being able to make it through. Until then, drink tea and keep drawing because you love it! <3

Listen to this song by Laleh!
She sings about how others might doubt your abilites. I'd love to translate the lyrics but I should be working.


  1. Thank you for the link and such an inspiring post :) I hope you manage to get some decent sleep tonight and have the energy for tomorrow! I hope I can make a path of my own....

  2. Thanks for the pepping and inspirational post. I've had lots of doubt recently wether I can make it as a photographer or not, and also anxiety because just like you I cannot stand a "normal" job and grown ups (I'm 23 so I'm grown up to now, right?) can't seem to understand it, thinking I don't want to work! This post shed some brightness and hope though, going to start to think more positively about stuff! It'll all work out in the end :)

    1. Yay! That was exactly what I wanted when I wrote this. Being creative and wanting to work with it is tricky but it's far from impossible :) Just never stop creating things.
      (I don't feel like an adult either and I just turned 24)