Sunday, August 12, 2012

Snail Mail Love!

I'm really no good at checking my mail. I mean my real life mailbox now. I just walk right past it, eager to get into my apartment and relax. The mail rarely contains anything other than advertisement or bills anyway, but today was a massive exception! Elysia sent me all these neat things from a press fair un the UK and it's a wild mix of cute business cards and little artworks that I can't wait to pin to my huge wall of inspiration and cute. Some are too pretty to pin though so I'll find frames instead. I really need to decorate my home so this was very welcome.

Other than fulfilling the need of pretty things, it was pretty amazing to just sit on the carpet on my floor and open one tiny envelope after the other and find more and more things to look at and friendly, honest words to read. I remember I got a similar package of awesomeness from my friend Soe and I feel like I have to create one myself. One for each online friend I have because they are some of the best people I've ever met (even if I haven't met some of you face to face) More snail mail and cute little gifts for everyone!