Friday, August 10, 2012

Magazine feature

I learned today that my image has been featured in the DeviantArt section of Fantasy Artist. At first I got all confused and kind of annoyed since nobody told me, but it all cleared up when I found a comment on my site that it would be featured. I must have forgotten or just not realized it was a real magazine and then moved on.

The image featured is "She calls the Crows" and that particular image got a lot of attention so I think I just rushed through reading comments and didn't understand properly. But this is great! A small but nice feature and I'll see if I can get my hands on this magazine today.


  1. Hm, is that over all a new magazine? It looks great and I want it! Huge congratz on the feature, it was through that image that I found you and fell in love with your art!

    1. It's a branch magazine of Digital Artist. I think it's a very small feature in it, I haven't got a copy yet :P I'm happy you like the picture!