Thursday, October 4, 2012

All the adventures!

To take a break from all the seriousness that I've been going through and talking about lately, I felt like making a post about what has kept me happy, safe and inspired even through the evenings when everything felt hopeless.

Adventure Time! This awesome little cartoon has made me laugh, cry and just shake my head in utter confusion. It's so random and odd and cute at the same time. I love every bit of it. Today I got this sweet BMO t-shirt in the mail as a gift from the Bear. As a "get-well" present and just a sign of affection. We've spent so much time on our couch, underneath blankets and with cups of tea, watching Adventure Time. If you haven't seen it, you've surely missed out on something great. Next thing on my wish list is a Finn hat! I think I could make one myself... Probably a project that will never get done, but who knows?


  1. “Sometimes life can be scary and dark, that is why we must find the light.” - BMO


  2. Have you seen the episode - BMO noire? It's here: I just wanted to recommend if you haven't seen - it's my favourite ever episode and it's all about BMO's adventure ! so good!