Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Today started out horribly, but was redeemed by lots of really uplifting things. Me and the Bear went out for a photography walk in a really nice area. I'll probably post those photos tomorrow. After coming home I started working on this piece, inspired by my idea to paint a bird skull. The character grew around that concept and it was nice to just sit and let the lines flow and to really get into all those lines of the bones.

I've been really productive these last couple of days despite my poor health. It's deliberate since inactivity leads to lots of thinking which leads to thinking in circles and I end up lost in my own mind, doing nothing. You can't force creativity but I've tried to be quicker on grasping and keeping the inspiration when it pops up. Once that little hint of an idea is in place I just sit down and make sure to make something out of it before I start to doubt myself.


  1. This is one of your most lovely pieces, I love it so much. Would love to have it home on the wall. Do you sell prints?

    1. I want to and I plan to, but I don't have anything set up yet. I'll definitely post it here whenever I get something like that going. :)