Saturday, October 13, 2012

Scent of clay

I've always loved dolls, toys, miniatures. Three dimensional things that you can feel the weight of, touch and watch as the shadows play in the shapes of it. My first attempt at sculpturing on my own was made when I was 14 years old. I had seen wonderful faerie-sculptures and got all over excited. Bought expensive clay and wanted to do it all at once. Complex poses, fragile glittering wings, hair and hands. It ended up in a complete disaster and I gave up on the thought all together. Sculpting was obviously not for me I thought.

Years and years have passed since then. My wish to try sculpting has not gone away and recently I've been more inspired than ever to try. Yesterday I went to an art supply store and got myself a little chunk of cheap wet clay. The kind you use in school. I got some basic tools and tried to set the bar low for myself. A small project to learn how the material works and to experiment with the human anatomy in the face.

This photo is the end result. It's a face, a bit smaller than an average egg. The clay was really difficult at first but I learned as I went along. I had to throw all my ambitions of tiny details and full control out the window. When I paint a face I spend so much effort on the eyes, the lips, the nose. Everything to get every pixel where I want it to be. I couldn't do that with clay, so I just let it guide me and slowly started to form shapes out of what it gave me. I'm really happy that I managed to finish this experiment and I'm eager to start on a new face. I'll try to make it with open eyes this time, but I have to be patient and not expect wonders out of myself. This is supposed to be creativity for energy and inspiration. To make something new that fills me with good feelings.


  1. I'm just so jealous of your talent I can't even begin to describe it.

  2. So am I :] I would love to get (even the cheap clay) clay for sculpting, but I'm broke...

    1. I'm nearly broke too, but since it was so cheap I just let myself get it anyway. I look at it as a sort of medication. Medication though creativity and happiness :D

  3. so lovely. It looks so fleshy and i want to draw it . wah! can't wait to see more of what you've been up to.

  4. Wow that's amazing and beautiful in a slightly dark and creepy sort of way.

    I love your blog by the way and I've nominated you in the Liebster Blog Award. I've tagged you in my post and given you a set of 11 questions to answer that you can find here;
    It also explains all about the Liebster Blog Award, at least what I could find out. I'd love to read your answers to my questions but no pressure.

  5. Åh hur har jag kunnat låta det gå så lång tid sedan jag senast läste din blogg?? Efter några månaders fullt upp börjar jag komma tillbaka till mig själv och det känns som en sådan "lättnad" att komma tillbaka till dina texter också - jag vet ju att de gör mig så gott och inspirerar mig till självförverkligande. Tack! <3

  6. This work is really stunning. I used to follow you years back on deviantart. It's amazing to see how your work has grown and developed. I would completely believe you if you told me that this sculpture was breathing!

    Our work is pretty different but I would be honoured if you'd take a look and let me know what you think.