Friday, November 30, 2012

skinny little bitch knife

Ok, so this is harsh, I know. But if you know me or have followed my blog for some time you know that I'm a huge fan of both fluffy cuteness and scary, bloody brutality. Last night I had so much energy and felt fueled by raging, empowering music and good action movies. I wanted to get that out into art. Make a character image of who I feel like while in a manic revenge-rage. No, I would never consider attacking someone with a knife, so don't worry. That is what art is for. Imagination is awesome.

I looked through my old Deadzone artwork and noticed how much I learned through those character designs and action drawings. I still love the idea of Deadzone. The project was put on ice since it was a collaboration between me and my boyfriend at the time and it's just not very easy to work on a creative and huge project with your ex. At some point Deadzone might come alive again. Nothing is impossible.

This character would fit right into that zombie apocalypse London mess. Probably a half-crazy, sadistic bitch who laughs at all the wrong places. I love getting into this frenzy of creativity and I hope it gets to last long this time. I know it's because I'm heading into a hypomanic episode but that doesn't make it less enjoyable. I ride along with my insane emotional rollercoaster and try not to fall off. Medication is my seatbelt.


  1. Amazing drawing. I read your entire blog, and I think you are a great artist.
    Can you read "The Spiderwick Chronicles"?

  2. I love her shaven head <3 actually, I'd love to be her...

    also, love deadzone too. comic projects are just so exciting >< !

    I hope you enjoy the ride ... and I hope there isn't too much of a crash X_X zzxxx

    1. Not gonna think too much about the crash. It -will- come at some point but hopefully not as bad as the last one I went through :P

      I'd love to be her too! I am sometimes, in imaginatioooon. If I lived in the Deadzone world I'd be her for sure. Roar and put the laughter into slaughter :D