Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Cold but excited!

Winter looks amazing but it is torture to go through, especially in the mornings. Somehow my body thinks a suitable reaction to cold is to start breaking out in cold-sweats during the night. As a result it feels like waking up underneath a heap of old gym clothes that has been left out in a dumpster overnight. Ok, maybe not that stinky, but just as gross!

Lots of clothes, scarves, hats, hoodies and blankets get me through these cold days. More than that though, my job brings me through my days! I haven't felt this excited about my job since my first weeks of employment. Sanctum 2 is blowing my mind away every day when I get to the office and realize this is what we have achieved in just about a year. Little by little the new content is revealed and I can't wait to share my concept art here! Gaaah! If you haven't already, make sure to follow Sanctum on Facebook for updates. You don't have to be an FPS-gamer. I'm not, I'm just an artist with no clue. I know how to paint to make games look good though! That's what I'm hired for after all.

This is the first piece of concept art released for Sanctum 2! The fierce walker warrior. All glowy and scaly. This was one of the first finished pieces of art I made for the enemies of Sanctum 2. I had never painted a monster in my entire life before I got this job. Character design has always been my area, but jeez, I learned! Designing these freaks of nature taught me so much about shapes and dynamic design. So, again, make sure to follow the work of Coffee Stain Studios, if not for gaming, at least to see what I've been doing 8 hours a day for more than a year!

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