Saturday, December 8, 2012

Core Guardian

This is the comic I made for Sanctum as one of my first work assignments at Coffee Stain Studios. It was released on the game forum and then later in real comic book form as a piece in the collectors edition box of the game. It was made as a part of the release of some new maps for the game and it was a true challenge for me to paint this. I remember panicking about all the little details, the perspective and colour choices. I honestly haven't gone back to look at it again until now.

Since I made this over a year ago I just assumed that it wouldn't measure up to my own standards, but looking at it now I'm actually impressed by my one-year-younger self. Above everything though I'm thrilled to re-read this now that Sanctum 2 is so well on it's way to becoming the game we all had imagined when we started. Actually, it goes beyond my own expectations and these past two weeks my mind has been exploding with newfound inspiration and creativity at work. I've been sitting at the office until late nights, not because of time pressure but because it's just too damn enjoyable to just walk away from. Soon, soon I will be able to show my recent work and my whole body is itching with anticipation. I never thought a job could make me feel this damn good.