Thursday, December 27, 2012

Goth Ninja!

I can afford to buy clothes again! Woopidooo! Ever since I got a real job with a real salary all my hard earned cash has been spent on sustaining my ex-boyfriends modest alcohol and nicotine consumption, paying rent and yeah, pretty much everything else two people need in order not to die or end up on the street. So now that I don't have that annoying problem anymore I can start spending money on myself. Feels kind of awesome.

I've written before that I really love fashion. I don't really care much about styles or trends, but I love looking at what people wear on the street. I'm addicted to collecting images of sweet wears and good looking combinations. For being a fashion-obsessed female I am really lazy when it comes to shopping or even spending time thinking about what I wear myself. I'm trying to change that a bit. I probably won't become a shopaholic fashionista because that doesn't seem very appealing or budget-friendly anyway. I've rejoined lookbook though! Not that I ever spent that much time uploading pics there. I did it once and lost all faith in myself as a human. I've learned a lot since then though! Such as dressing however I want and to stop comparing myself to others or doubt myself. I talked to a friend recently who had this exact problem. A huge amount of inspiration to start dressing up and really spend time feeling pretty but she couldn't stop comparing herself to "more beautiful" people. I think this is reeeeally common and I've felt exactly the same. I told her to look at all the pictures of these beautiful people and imagine that they are all just drawn characters in a TV-show or in a game. Look at them for inspiration and enjoy the amazing visuals of what people can do with clothes, hair, everything. Never be scared to look the way you want to look. If people judge you they will probably be too chickenarsed to say anything and they'll walk around in their own boring lives, being judgmental chickens. That's just sad! Everyone has something about them that is pretty. Enhance that. My friend for example really loved her own hair but never really did anything with it so I told her to just go crazy and find some sweet hairstyles to try. I think she did, and she seemed happy as soon as she started thinking of herself like that.

You are the main character of the story that is your life, so dress for the part and be who you want to be. That's my new motto in life.  So, what's this goth ninja business? It's a really cool-looking style I'm trying out. All black, grey with layered clothes. Combining different textures and focusing on silhouette . All I need to complete this look is a proper leather jacket and a really big hoodie. It's so much fun to play with self customization again!


  1. It's the best way to go. I've figured that as long as I am happy then nothing else anyone says matters.
    You look good too :)

    1. Thank you!
      It's really important to just find that self esteem and hold on to it at all times. It means more than anything really :) I've recently found mine after about 8 years of feeling like a stinky pile of poo.

    2. I'm glad to hear that :3 Enjoy life you're still young! :P

  2. loving it ! you look great :) and thank you for sharing your thoughts on self esteem and fashion, too. Improving self esteem is probably my top priority right now!