Wednesday, December 26, 2012


I think it was the end of last winter, just as it started to feel like spring was approaching. Elysia sent me a link to watch a video by Grimes and I just fell straight in love. Her way of layering her voice to create that beautiful sound, the creativity of how she changes her looks and of course her raw talent and presence on stage. I wanted to paint her portrait back then but since I didn't paint much at all at that time I just forgot about it or pushed it further into the future. Her song Genesis followed me almost every morning on my way to work and I remember how it fit perfectly with my mood once the sun started shining in the mornings again after a long, dark winter.

So it's almost been a year since I first heard her music and my inspiration peaked again after several lengthy discussions with other passionate Grimes-fans at work. Trying to pinpoint the exact feeling I get from her music into one image was really tricky and just like every time I try to make art out of something I truly love, I get all picky and unsure. I'm kind of satisfied with the result but I still prefer to just watch her videos and smile at how she sings with an adorable lisp and how quirky and unique she seems to be as a person.

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