Saturday, December 15, 2012

Leaping over the top

I woke up tonight after another really vivid dream. I seem to have a lot of those lately. Usually they are quite disturbing and scary. This one was too, at first.

I dreamed I was back at the hospital but this time it had changed a lot. All the patients had to care for themselves and the building seemed all abandoned as if during a zombie apocalypse. There was a lot of fighting going on and the feeling was really unsettling. I found my friend there and her room was all trashed up. I told her we should escape but she couldn't because she would get killed.

I managed to get out and I was helped by two co-workers although they were dream versions of co-workers that don't actually exist. The setting had changed to become a really dark version of the city I grew up in, Västerås. The three of us dashed through the streets at a really incredible speed. During dreams I'm usually painfully slow while trying to run but in this one it felt like we were breaking the sound barrier as soon as we moved.

We tried to find hideouts in old shopping malls but they had all closed down. Somehow I lost sight of the guys and ended up on my own in a huge skatepark. To find my friends and catch up with them again I ran through crowds of skaters, capoeira fighters and punks. While running I could jump with such intense speed and strength that I could scan the whole scene to pinpoint where my friends were. In the end I found myself in an old concrete building, smoking a cigarette while some random dude yelled at me for disturbing the peace by jumping around like that. I laughed at him, gave him a kiss and then kicked his ass.

Then I woke up and painted this pic. Haaaa!