Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Since I seem to have a lot of energy to paint I thought I should open up shop for commissions again and last night I finished this piece for Feliane on DeviantArt. It's her original character Lonikaï. I was really inspired by her story and the post apocalyptic sci-fi world she exists in. I want to read the entire story!

It's tuesday morning and I just got in from a wild snow storm outside. I want tea but there is only old milk in the office fridge. Why-oh-WHY?! Well, I guess I'll live. So, back to the picture: My intention was to go with some sort of semi realistic painting style but as I went along the body got more and more realistic in it's shading. Since I felt like I had never been able to render skin with this level or realism before I just went with it to see how it would look. I usually have some sort of reference photo, or several of them. This time I didn't have anything up to even look at for direction. I don't usually mention stuff like that because I don't really think it matters. Your art isn't worth more or less depending on if you used references or not. Just mentioning now since I feel that I've learned a lot in just this little amount of time back into art since my absence. Feels good!


  1. Love her expression most of all!

  2. Jag fastnade för hennes bål, vet inte varför men kanske är det hur "verklig" den upplevs, nästan som ett foto...fantastisk bild! =)

    1. Tack! Jag vet inte riktigt hur det gick till. Jag har aldrig varit så mycket för fotorealism men i den här bilden så bara blev det så. Kan bli lite skumt tillsammans med det inte fullt så realistiska ansiktet, men men :P