Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Skye Autumn

Skye Autumn, the over the top confident elite soldier BADASS! She has been revealed on the Coffee Stain Studios Blog and on the Sanctum facebook page. Killing off Lumes as if she was a kid popping balloons at a party, probably just to watch the other kiddos cry.

Re-designing Skye from the first Sanctum game was a personally scary challenge for me. I was there when the first sketches of her were made before the school project that would become Sanctum. It was painted by Johan Wahlbäck, my husband back then and still one of my dearest friends. I remember sitting in our apartment, discussing and debating over her hair and her clothes. Two concept artists with strong ideas could get quite tricky at times. I think I even yelled at him about the hair at some point. Sorry about that dude! I was just frustrated that I was one year behind in education and didn't get the official concept artist position! One thing we did agree on though that we wanted to make her stand out as something other than the usual, bland version of a female game hero that's usually just a version of the male one but with more stuff on the torso and then some sex as a weapon that might or might not be good for killing stuff with.

So this time I didn't have to sit on the sidelines. I really wanted to stick to original idea of Skye as that uncaring, brutally skilled badass. In Sanctum 2 she is a bit older, a bit more battle-hardened and got some hair shaved off. All designs for Sanctum 2 were made with the goal to make things feel even more crisp and cool than in the first one. Sharper whites, more intense blues and of course, a main character with more bite. Designing her looks and writing her story has honestly been one of the most entertaining and awesome work assignments I could ever have imagined. I wanted to be a character designer when I was a little kiddo, and here is the first proof of my childhood dream coming true. Schweeet!

Probably, my top priority while breathing new life into Skye was to keep the feeling of her as that kickass action hero (or antihero) that she was intended to be. In her biography I wrote:

"Her bad attitude is simply tolerated as long as she keeps killing off Lumes for the sake of Elysion One. 
Skye lives for the adrenaline rush of the perfect kill and enjoys battle as if it was all a game to her. The rumor say her crazed laugh after a successful mission even makes her commanders feel uneasy. Skye herself is very well aware of her bad reputation and makes no attempt to improve it. Why would she?"

I wish I had the time to write an entire book about her. Never asking for anyones opinions of her, going her own way, all in order to get what she wants and to have fun in life. She's pretty much my hero. Although she is kind of unfriendly.