Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Some of my own

So, as I mentioned some days ago I've wanted to get pierced for a really long time. I've gotten an outlet for this urge by almost always adding piercings to my character drawings. It's an odd thing about my personal art, because I can't tell if my characters look like me or if I'm copying my own characters. I think it's just my own personal taste poking through in all the stuff I do. Speaking of poking through, I had my skin poked through this afternoon! A rush of adrenaline is effective against pain, but since I'm all socially awkward I found it more scary to walk into the studio than to get sharp stuff forced through my face. Either way I went ahead and got this done today and I'm really happy about it. I painted commissions to be able to afford this christmas gift for myself despite poor economy. I finally feel a bit more like myself in a way, because this is sort of the mental image of what I've wanted to look like for a very long time.

Downsides? No smoking for two weeks, and if I get a cold I'm fucked... Let's see how this goes.


  1. Looks good - just like the painting! So, what about the hair colour? =)

    1. I still have to research the proper way to get the right hair colour :) One thing at a time, but I'll probably be able to get it done by late January or something.

  2. Looks great on you. Stay healthy!

  3. Welcome to the club. High five. o/

  4. You'll be fine to smoke as long as you use mouthwash straight after ^^