Sunday, December 30, 2012

The hest...

Hest means horse but spelled wrong. It's the name of my odd little alter-ego horse that is really emotionally unstable, totally confused and has a really cute fat tummy! He has no name. Just hest.

This little fella has sort of developed into some online comic thing with no story what-so-ever. I usually draw the hest in various situations I find myself in through my every day life. I also drew the horse family for all my relatives this Christmas which was really fun. This whole thing started with a really weird prank my ex-husband and my sisters friend pulled during a vacation in Denmark. We were just sitting by a table and J started singing this silly song about a horse that was really tiny that had no friends despite being really cute. My sister got all confused and wondered what the song was and he said they had sung it in kindergarden. So my sisters friend went along with it and started singing too and my sister ran to my mom and asked her if she had heard it. It was pretty hilarious since it was just a random silly song that came out of nowhere, and it got stuck in my head.

So I'd sit and sing this song sometimes and the office and it became my theme song in a way. And then I just drew the hest and that's how this epic tale began. At some point I might collect all the little pictures of this guy and make a book out of it. The tricky thing is translating it to english since it doesn't quite work the same way. I write little captions to every picture in swedish and I use odd grammar-errors and spelling mistakes to add a certain feel to the whole thing. When I try to do that in english it just ends up really stupid. Well, the images sort of speak for themselves a lot of times.

The picture in this post was made after some weird viral facebook-group grew popular in sweden, called: "Horses don't exist" which claims that horses are actually fruits.... that doesn't exist. I jokingly got upset and pretended this group really offended me because of my alter-ego horse. So the guys at the office sneakily made me 'like' the page while I wasn't in the room. I still haven't figured out who did it, but I will... So I drew this sad sad picture of the hest having an identity crisis. Is it a horse, is it a fruit? Does it even exist? It just doesn't know anymore...