Friday, January 4, 2013

Haigen Bagge Hawkins

The second character of Sanctum 2 is revealed. The official release can be found on the CoffeeStain blog.  Since I've been waiting for ages to get to show my work I thought I should write about my personal experience during the character design process.

So, This skinny and sleepy-looking dude is Haigen Bagge Hawkins. He was actually the first character to be designed at the start of developing Sanctum 2. We had a pretty clear image of his silhouette and the general feel of heavy gear and chunky armor. His personality wasn't quite defined and he had no name at all to begin with. While sketching and experimenting with his concept he also developed a personality of his own. I wanted a really intelligent brawler since it's a pretty nice contrast that you don't usually see. A close-combat fighter that is aided by protective gear and heavy weaponry instead of bulging muscles.

Originating from the slums of LOEK III, Haigen would be naturally svelte, probably quite worn out, used to dirt, grit and harsh living conditions. He succeeded in becoming a Core Guardian because of his intelligence and amazing engineering skills. He is a self-taught tech nerd that can spend endless nights rebuilding and repairing things.

As for his looks I tried to imagine what the society would be like in this shiny bright sci-fi world and what the people there would look like. The thought of blending cultures and ethnicity is quite nice since it opens up a lot of creative possibilities. No borders or countries would exist but the people originate from a lot of different places which over time has made the society into a unique mix of everything. I have a thing for big, pointy noses and sleepy eyes. A slightly darker complexion contrasting with pale gray eyes. His armor is designed to protect him in close combat but also to carry all the gadgets and tools he needs. The inspiration was the thick protective gear used while disarming bombs. I wanted to create a clear silhouette by exaggerating the proportions of his baggy pants, that protective collar and chunky breastplate with his scrawny arms and torso. I really like this guy, and yeah, that shotgun of his.