Thursday, January 10, 2013

Overflowing creativity through music

 I've made two pieces of art and not put them on my blog! What is this madness?! Guess I've been kind of kept away from my computer for a while, in a good way. Anyway, everyone loves music. Sometimes you listen to it because it sounds nice, sometimes you discover songs that just pour straight into your soul. I've discovered so many songs like that recently and it feels like it just fills my mind with inspiration and beautiful images that I need to get out into art.

The first image is based on the song Mother Protect by Niki and the Dove. I feel like I'm close to tears each time I hear it, and not tears of sadness, just pure amazing energy. I don't think I've ever appreciated music the way I do now. Every little word, sound and detail matters now.

This image is based on everything I feel while listening to Pictureplane. This specific image was based on the song Real is a Feeling. The entire album named THEE PHYSICAL feels like calm, loving, sensual and strange affection. I wanted to capture that feeling in this piece, mixing warped anatomy, erotic undertones and trance rave neon.

I've recorded both of these images on my livestream channel so if you want to watch the process, go ahead!

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