Sunday, February 3, 2013

Cinnabun hun!

I received an e-mail some days ago that kind of blew my mind away. This really awesome girl got my cinnabun girl tattooed! I've always had a hard time picturing my art as tattoos which is also why I never accept offers from people who want tattoo designs from me. Having existing art of mine made this way is really amazing for me to see though and I feel extremely honored!

I love how the tattoo artist managed to capture all the right shades and little gradients of the original image. I just wonder what my younger self had felt if she knew that this little random imaginary friend creature would one day be so loved that she got to decorate a girls arm in another part of the world. I know my current self feels endlessly happy!

Also, I find it incredibly sweet how the e-mail with these pictures was ended with the cute sentence: "I´m also happy to hear that you have turned into a pierced squirrel on ecstasy!"

Feels like ecstasy squirrel is my new identity, yes indeed!