Saturday, February 9, 2013

sleepy bones awake

Yeah I know I look like a half dead junkie slut that just had her kitten strangled by a really mean person, but don't you worry! I was actually super happy when these pictures were taken. It was just early in the morning and I had the makeup left from the day before. Still though, I love this style and I love to experiment with different looks and combinations of clothes. It's like a little art project every time I get dressed since I want to find new combos each time and portray a certain feel, sort of like character design. Different combos of clothes bring out certain aspects of my personality. If I wear something punk I feel like an untouchable badass. If I wear a cute white dress along with some torn leggings I feel like a modern day Pippi Longstocking if she had been partying all night. So much fun!

I'll try to remember to get pics of all these combos because I want to gather them into some sort of reference library for myself. Also because I change my hair and style so often these days that it will be really fun to look back on my superficial journey in a few years.

I'm horribly slow when it comes to use my LookBook-profile but hey, I'll try okay. Just have to remember not to forget. Go there and look at my looks if you wanna. 

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