Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Effects of the Sun!

I know I've mentioned before, at some point in the past, that the weather has a huge impact on my moods. Most people prefer good weather over bad (obviooously..) but I feel that when I wake up a morning with sunshine everywhere I get this huge amount of energy and feel so happy I have to get up out of bed and just dance. This means I sometimes get late since dancing and getting dressed at the same time is kind of tricky. Well well...

A well known fact about me is that I suffer from extreme and rapid moodswings. I never know when a good day might turn into a horrible one and the other way around. My art usually reflects this. I can't draw happy things while feeling bad and I can't draw sad things while being super happy. I've also realized when looking back at my own gallery that you can see how my mood shifts over time. The downtimes and the ups. Highs and lows. It's sort of like a diary in art that I haven't really thought about before.

This gave me an idea because I've wanted to write about my own life. I've also always wanted to make a proper artbook. So why not both? It's still just a vague idea in my mind but I think I could do it. Mix true stories from my life with my own texts, poems, artwork and get an overview of my life this way. I'm actually really excited and all I need is a basic outline and somewhere to start. I'd do it for myself mostly but of course I want to share it too! That's the whole point of creativity for me. I make my art for my own happiness and then that enjoyment just doubles when I get to share it with others.


  1. Publishing books can be hard and tricky. Especially since it seems you need an agent and a book creator business to buy your idea and then sell it for you.. So if you just want to skip all of that you could always consider using pages such as: http://www.blurb.com At least it depends on how broad and how many you intend to sell. Or if you mix it up with a gallery show? That would also be a way to sell your book. Just ideas, I don't really know much about that world.

    1. also some artist use lulu.com, I havent use it before but it seems ok :)

  2. Great post! The weather has more to do with our mood than many people think! Sun brings happiness.