Sunday, October 31, 2010

Lomography Loves!

More, more photos! I can't get enough of browsing around the cute lomography-community looking for beautiful images. I'm obsessed with looking at faces of people. It inspires me crazily and leaves me all shaky in waiting to be able to go photograph something myself. I just finished my second roll of film for my Diana Mini yesterday and tomorrow I'll pick up the results from my first roll. I'm so excited! I'm gonna ask the photo lab if they can work a tad bit faster next time. 1 week waiting is torture! I also have to buy new film soon..

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Weekend Wishes!

Oh so cute stuff! I'm in love with small felted animals and dreams of traveling in sweet style at the moment. All these things are high on my wish-list right now and it makes me happy just to browse through these shops, looking at all their things. It's unbelievable!

Busy zombie

It would be so sweet to get to show some pictures of last nights halloween celebration, but I didn't take one single digital photo, it's all in a roll of film right now and I'm starting to realize that blogging and analogue photography don't quite match up. But anyway, Soe snapped loads of cool photos and I'm sure I can steal some of hers eventually, haha! The super-cute illustration above was made by her a while ago. It's so awesome and makes me laugh whenever I look at it. That's me on the left by the way!

I dressed up as a zombie, very simple and yet very effective and fun. I love zombies, but they also freak me out. I had a big fake wound all over my face and we splashed fake blood all over!

But I've been busier than I'm used to. It's both nice and exhausting at the same time. I miss sitting at home alone, but at the same time it's nice to change once in a while with a cute party!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Illustration work

Yay! Yesterday the new number of Allas dropped into my mailbox and it has my illustration featured in it! It's super exciting every time. I loved making this, because these illustrations are there to compliment short stories in the magazine and I could just get really vivid images in my head of this story and it's main character. Her name is Nora and she has just found out that her husband can't have children. After a shower she sits on her bed, anxious and sad.

Yesterday was a really cute day! It was awfully rainy and cold, but I defied the weather and went over to G for some calm talking and just hanging around which was super sweet. We had some chicken and watched funny shows and I got to snap some photos of her cats with my diana! After that I went to J's office and met up with Soe, just arrived from Berlin! We went to have some sushi and talking about this and that.

So today I have no real plans but then again I'm not the kind of girl to like plans either. I like to just have blank days ahead of me so I can breathe easily knowing I'm not forgetting anything. I'm sure nice things will pop up anyway without me planning ahead..

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mr. Baxter!

This is J! A few of you might already know who he is, some don't. This is my husband, Johan, also called Buckster or "Baxter". I haven't written much about him before because I haven't been sure if he wanted me to or not, and I still don't know, but here goes anyway. I love this guy!

J works as a concept artist for Stunlock Studios, working on the game Bloodline Champions. I admire his skills and dedication as an artist immensely and it's awesome to see all the cool ideas he comes up with while at work. I've known J since I was 16 when we met at the school dormitory where we both lived. We got together shortly after and we've lived together ever since and got married the summer of -09.

This morning I started to feel awful because yesterday I burnt my hand really badly while cooking (I'd show you pictures if it weren't so disgusting) and when I got up the kitchen was a mess and my normal tea-pot was all dirty and I just fell down on my chair feeling gloomy. And then he calls just to say lovely words and thanks for the ice-cream I got him yesterday and suddenly I'm all happy again!

So now you know a tiny bit more about my man J! Make sure to check out Bloodline Champions if you haven't already. Now I'm gonna relax with my cup of white tea and just enjoy the sunrise. Neat huh?

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Gotta fix stuff!

Finally Soe's coming back! My dear friend who I got to know during a few but fantastic days during her last visit.

But, this also means I've got to fix stuff, I have to clean! My apartment looks like a home for dust-rats and dirty laundry and I want it to be super cool and clean instead so I better get going!

I also handed in my first roll of film from my Diana to the photo-lab today. I felt nervous as always when going to a new place but I think I got the guy across the counter to understand what I wanted. I have to wait until the 2nd of November to see the photos though. No more 1 hour photo in this digital age.. I've already loaded the little camera up with a new film although I messed things up in the loading-process, I hope it's ok anyway. Now I'm ready to document all the sweet Halloween-memories we'll be making soon! I'm so looking forward to it already..

Teaser from school

So I finally put my drawings into my little computer and now I have something to show you. I've been sketching and drawing and thinking and this is one of the results. The project is inspired and based upon the book 'Tithe' by Holly Black and I have picked five sections from the book which I want to illustrate. This particular drawing is an outtake from a scene "under the hill" where the main character enters a banquet of the Unseelie Court. I have made seven drawings in total for this piece which will be sort of a panorama view of the wild creatures of the Court.

I've been so happy drawing these. It's my favorite book and my favorite subject, faeries, the scary kind of old time faeries..

It feels great to finally post some of my art here again. It feels like ages ago. Soon I might be able to post the illustration I did for the next Allas magazine too!

Monday, October 25, 2010

On a personal note..

I feel like I haven't written anything in a while. I've been busy browsing around looking and cool images of others and gathering inspiration. I'm a total addict of beautiful pictures. I could seriously spend days and days just looking at art, photography and whatever. Now though I'm sort of tired.

I'm thinking about taking a walk and snapping candid photos of cool people and dogs I happen to pass by. I've already tried to sneakily take photos of people at the grocery-store, and I've taken a photo of a dog I passed by although I think the owner noticed and I was really embarrassed. Maybe they think I'm some sort of creep? Maybe I am? Naah, I just want to collect pretty pictures of the world around me. Photography has entered my life for real, I'll just accept it because I love it. In the meantime I'm still drawing although I still haven't shown you anything of my school-project. Soon soon.. It's not that big of a deal really, it won't be finished until january so.. We'll just see what happens. Now though I'll search my kitchen for something tasty to eat. Nom-nom-nom!

Monday Sweetness: Button Eye Toys!

button eyes pink monster front

I just found this browsing around flickr and fell in love! So cute and with so much attitude, this is right down my alley! The creator of these sweeties is Marissa. She sells the little creatures on Etsy and her flickr album is really worth checking out for more pictures of cool cuteness. I just love neat looking funky toys. If I had the money I'd buy loads of these and stack them on a shelf so they'd form a little army. Sweetness!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Lomography Loves!

Okay, I have to admit this new camera-purchase of mine has gotten me seriously addicted and into the world of analogue photography and the lomography community in particular. Browsing around clicking the "random" button and finding little treasures of raw old-school beauty is amazing! I'll probably keep on posting my finds now and then, this time I've found four green-tinted pictures which I love. They all have this sort of moody feeling, like out-takes from a movie where something unsettling is just about to happen.. Exciting!

Weekend Wishes!

Mmm, sweet sweet weekend wish list! Right now I'm wishing for new cute dresses and the one I found from After shower shop is sooo cute! My favorite color combo is turquoise and brown! I'm also wishing for beautiful things to hang on my walls to remind me that life is wonderful and gorgeous somewhere even though my home street is muddy with rain and snow. I love the prints in Abby Blaine's shop. They are all super sweet! Finally I found this awesome tin box. The Stuff Box! It's just so cool. I'd probably end up putting tea in it, or maybe all the ribbons I've collected over the years, or buttons, or maybe doll socks!?

Friday, October 22, 2010

The tiny lady arrived

With incredibly fast delivery I was surprised when the doorbell rang and I got to sign the tiny package in my pajamas. How embarrassing! Anyway, it was of course my awaited Diana Mini and gosh, she is tiny!

The package was so tight and cute with a little inspirational book inside and I love all the cute tips it contains. Like this:

Do not leave your Diana Mini at home. Ever! She will miss something good.
Do not put the Diana Mini in a hot oven. She will melt.
Do not take a bath with the Diana Mini. She can't swim!

I've loaded her up with the film and taken some test shots. The suspense of not having an idea whether it looks good or even works is unbelievable! It's incredible how old fashioned technology can just put you in such a state of confusion. How does it even work without a battery for example? Huh? How?! No matter.. I love this tiny lady and I shall take her with me always. With her I shall record my memories and dare to photograph all the cute people I meet!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

In search of Peter Pan

This is the cowl I got yesterday. It's fake fur and so soft and cozy it makes me feel like some sort of north-pole dwelling fae creature!

I haven't posted any art here for a very long time. It's not that I'm not making any, it's just that it's a bit secret still. It's a part of my school project and I don't want to show anything until I have some more. I will give you some progress pictures and sketches soon though.

In the meantime I have lots of photography and I really want to post the lyrics of Kate Bush's song "in Search of Peter Pan" which I'm in love with at the moment. The song is so sad but still so very beautiful. Some lyrics to songs are just like poetry. It can be read as such..

It's been such a long week.
So much crying.
I no longer see a future.
I've been told when I get older
That I'll understand it all.

But I'm not sure if I want to.

Running into her arms
At the school gates
She whispers that I'm a poor kid.
And Granny takes me on her knee.
She tells me I'm too sensitive.
She makes me sad.

She makes me feel like an old man.

They took the game right out of it.

When I am a man
I will be an astronaut,
And find Peter Pan.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The story of a very nice day..

It was cold today, very cold and as me and G went to search for a café to sit in it sort of started snowing! Oh noes! But it was just a tiny bit, still, it was the first snow this season and that is always special!

We ended up at a café-sort-of-place that was ok and had caramel and cinnamon lattes that had super cute little patterns in their fluffed milk. We shared a sweet carrot cake and had a general nice time before heading off to look at cute stuff. I ended up buying a really cozy fluffy cowl with fake fur! I'll post a picture some other time..

We went home, had some spicy ramen and then I got to play hairdresser, shaving G's hair into a cool undercut style! It looks awesomely cool if I may say so after being the one to cut it.. *cough* I want to try to shave too, but I've saved out my hair to keep it long, so I shall prevail and not cut it off this time!

I knitted a hat!

A tiny one! I did it a while ago but I just attached little ears to it and I'm in love! I bought this little doll in Gothenburg while visiting my sister. It was super cheap and I loved it instantly! She has a twin sister that I've knitted a headband for. She'll also receive little animal ears soon and eventually I'll make little clothes for them as well. I've named them already. I call them Hatsu and Hiromi. Japanese names because of their asian looks! Maybe I should make them matching school uniforms?

Winter? Where?!

J warned me yesterday night that there might be snow coming tonight. I freaked out and realized I really don't want the first snow to arrive this year. Let's skip winter okay? I just love autumn so much!

I took this picture some days ago when the autumn sun was so beautiful and there were piles of leaves everywhere. Can't this last forever? It's perfect! I love the time when there are as many leaves on the trees as on the ground, and colorful variations of them fly through the air like confetti..

Today I have a lunch-date with G and a mission to find a perfect café to sit in. In a small city like ours there aren't that many to choose from, but I'm sure we'll find it and I will bring my camera damn it! This time I will!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The world in greyscale

I woke up to the sound of rain tapping at my bedroom window and I was too tired to get up by my usual routine which caused a wasted hour of anxiety and sadness. 8 really is my time to get up, otherwise the bed turns into this wast ocean that I can't even cross to place my feet on the floor.

I'm up now though, and I'm listening to some old 50's classics and the rain and gray mood feels calm and nice right about now. Still it's hard to shake a bad feeling off once it's settled and I feel a headache building. I should cure it while it's still small, maybe just lie down again and rest for a while. It would be a perfect day to light some candles and read a book and just listen to the rain. Why not? I'll try that..

Monday, October 18, 2010

Mini dream come true!

Today while trying to find out what kind of camera equipment I'd like to put on my wish list for christmas I stumbled upon my old urge for an analogue camera and the cute Diana Mini! After a lot of inner debate and checking my account to see if I could afford it or not I decided to get it. An adorable gift for myself and sweet Lise encouraged me on Skype, so now I don't feel so guilty about it.

I got it along with the redscale film because I love the warm tones it produces, so now I have a sweet little dream come true arriving for me through the mail in a not so distant future. Awesome! If you have any experience with this camera or anything similar please share tips or tricks with me! I'm a total noob..

Nomadic tendencies

I want a balcony, and big windows to sit in looking out. I want a tower and a garden and a park just outside. I want a room all to myself where I can keep my studio. I want a forest to play in and loads of second hand stores to browse through right in my neighborhood.. Is there such a place somewhere?

Ok, I know I can't have all of that in one, but a girl can wish right?

Now I've been living in the same place for about four years and my senses and dreams are starting to itch a bit to get away somewhere else. As a kid my family lived in the same place for ages and ages which was safe and all, but I love to move around! Me and J are both the same. We love to discover new things, to pack the boxes and find a new place to call home.

I do love my current apartment though, and the neighborhood is really safe and sweet and close to everything, so it's not that I'm not happy in my current situation. I just have some nomadic tendencies..

Monday Sweetness: the Munchies!

I have a thing for eating stuff. Most people do.. I especially enjoy when you sit there late at night feeling that you have the munchies for that certain something. Cookies, tasty cashews, candy or chips. All those begin with a 'C', isn't that strange? Well anyway.. Sometimes that feeling can be bad, let's say if you have no money and should be eating real food instead, but sometimes everything is just perfect and you are free to indulge yourself in the guilty pleasure of going to the store to buy some tasty tasty stuff! I happen to be really lucky since I live right next to a grocery store! Ha!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Window shopping

In the promise to myself to bring my camera along more often I snapped these pictures amongst some others while on a walk this saturday. I love beautiful window-displays! I think the effect of photographing through the glass caused some interesting effects. The reflections of the buildings in the background almost makes it look surreal, but these pics aren't edited or anything other than slight color adjustments.

Other than that I've had a fabulous evening with J, watching some Naruto for the first time in years and eating delicious taco, nom-nom-nom! It's been a really happy weekend and I feel more than ever that I'm shaping myself and my life in a way that feels better and better. Tomorrow is another monday and I'm looking forward to a day of calm solitude, drawing and tea-drinking..

A dark descent..

Yesterday I sat curled up on the sofa with blankets covering me, chilling to the core, tense and scared like hell. We were playing Amnesia: The Dark Descent..

A computer was hooked up to our TV so we could all share the experience, we were four scared little children watching, and we were all chewing our fingernails off. Now, I haven't played a whole lot of horror-games, but me and G are playing Silent Hill 3 at a slow pace, and even though Silent Hill is scary and all it can't even compare to this experience, seriously! We were all screaming like little kids, right out loud!

The game is all about immersion, wicked sound-design and a way of dealing with horror that I've never seen in a game before. The main character is defenseless, and running from enemies doesn't help in the least either. You actually have to hide in a corner, not looking at the horrors, turning your back at them for them to go away, and that is if you are lucky.. We had some moments of complete panic, screaming and shouting RUN, RUUUN!! It was awesome, truly..

I highly recommend getting a few friends together playing this game some dark night, Halloween is coming up you know..

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Weekend Wishes!

So I'm starting a new series of posts where I'll feature some sweet finds that I'm really wishing for on Etsy. This weekend I really wish for a chunky cowl to warm myself in, the air is so chilly! On TV they say it's because northern winds from the icy seas are over us.

While It's cold outside I want to make the inside all warm and sweet with the cute bird painting and those cheeky porcelain figures in my favorite colors! Nesting becomes so important to me while autumn and winter arrives. I need to feel safe and happy while at home!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Gifts and inspiration

Me and G had a very nice afternoon with sketching and drawing, even some really cool planning of the future! We both slightly have the feeling that things are really looking up in our lives, and that things are heading in the right direction and it's sort of spooky because until now at least I have had the feeling of no control and that I can't decide for myself what I want to be. It's been normal to be in that state of confusion and frustration but now we are suddenly free to do as we wish and we are both pursuing a more pure art path rather than game-art that we actually study at the university..

G gave me a bunch of inspirational fashion magazines to leaf through, borrowed me a cool book about calligraphy that I shall study closely and then she brought me a little fawn! Goodness! I love it! I have started a collection of deer and fawns and so far I have four little figurines, haha! A modest but steady collection. This one is the newest addition and she is resting on my kitchen table in front of me as I'm writing. Sweet little thing..

Thursday, October 14, 2010


These images are from one of Makeup Store's catalogues. I love these pictures, the styling, the light, the mood. They really inspire me. I want to do more photography. I wish I wasn't so scared to ask people to model for me. Sometimes I see cute girls in shops or in the street that I'd just love to photograph but I'd feel so weird and creepy asking them about it.

Photography is not my profession. I'd feel stupid calling myself a photographer. I have no education, I just own a camera and I love to do it. But then again perhaps that is all it takes? It would be amazingly cool to have an old camera and really go through the whole darkroom process, but I tried that at school once and ended up with a terrible headache because of the smell of the chemicals involved so I never dared to try it again. I'll stick to digital.. That's another thing, I love photo manipulation! I love to use textures and colors and bring out moods in pictures. I haven't really gone further into it however and illustration is still my main thing, photography is a hobby. I will make myself a promise yet again (because I have made this promise quite a few times) to bring my camera with me more often, to be brave enough to bring it out and actually take pictures of people around me, not just trees and rocks..

In other news I have taken a step further into learning how to make new stuff. I'll keep this project a secret for now because I have no idea if it will turn out good or just fail miserably. I'd like to keep my dignity if it does.. If you never hear of it again you shall know that it failed.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

New ideas?

I have been thinking ever since I had that unpleasant experience at the print-shop. How can I use my illustrations and skills to create new cute things to offer people? I'm thinking I want to create my own cute tin-containers, jewelry, stationary, t-shirts, books and everything. But I am still a bit scared and unknowing. Everything is new and I can come up with all sorts of fancy ideas but still not have the means to realize them.

The thing is that I'm not a business-person at all. I don't care much for money. I don't understand it and It scares me, but still when thinking about selling my own products I am forced to think in those boring terms. I can't start printing all sorts of stuff to sell if nobody wants it. It costs money to earn money they say, but then I don't have much of that to begin with and I have a hard time thinking in terms of profit mostly because It brings me down. I want to use my head thinking in creative ways and frankly I don't care if I make money or not as long as I get to do what I love. I still have to eat and live somewhere though so if I can trade some of the products of my creativity for that I have an awesome deal.

I've been living on small means ever since I moved away from home at 16. I know how to get by on almost no money at all, still with amazing support from J of course, without him I wouldn't be able to do this. Hopefully I can give some back eventually. But neither of us likes money, so we prefer not to think about it too much. It's sad how new ideas are blocked by these boring thoughts. I wish I could just do things and hand them out to the people who'd like them. The most important thing for me is that there is someone out there who actually wants my art, and that's the true story.. That is the profit for me.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Shop Update!

I've been enjoying my day painting new patches that I have put up for sale in my Etsy Shop! I've tried painting several new animals and fruits and I have updated with green, minty and yellow patches for you to look at and hopefully enjoy! I have also written short, cute little descriptions of each creature just because I felt like it, jeei!

In other news I tasted some delicious green miso soup today while making these. Another sweet gift from Soe!

Monday Sweetness: Embroidery!

(image belongs to grrl+dog)

I want to learn! I really do. I hated it back in school when it was forced upon me, but lately I've just discovered the cuteness and the diversity of embroidery. I want to be able to to really folkloric patterns or massive arrangements of flowers and make my own scarves. I rarely ever leave the house without a scarf and I love to collect them so it would be awesome to be able to design my own. I just have to get a hang of this whole embroidery-business first! Anyone who cares to teach me or give me some useful hints?

Sunday, October 10, 2010


I'm at home drinking hot tea as always but this time it's night-time instead of my usual early mornings and instead of reading artsy craftsy blogs I'm actually watching a Bloodline Champions live tournament stream! Crazy huh? For those who don't know, I was a texture artist working on BLC on and off during my education and my dear J is working with concept art for the game. I'm kind of out of the whole video game development loop at the moment since I wanted a break from all the technical stuff while recovering to get my creativity and happiness back. It's still really cool to watch this stream though and actually see graphics that me and my friends have created and how the game is just growing and growing. To know that really talented gamers are playing characters that I've decorated and textured is really weird and awesomely cool. It gives me a real self-confidence boost and I have to admit, a small urge to get back into game graphics.

Anyway, I'm enjoying a perfectly lazy weekend. 'Enslaved' was a pretty awesome game and J downloaded the new Tomb Raider game for me and we´re gonna play the co-op mode together and I foresee really cosy evenings with chocolate-marshmallow ice cream and gaming in the future. Sweet deal!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Old and useless

I had a project in mind this morning and walked away to the goodwill thrift-store. I didn't find what I was looking for though so I went home with a vintage konica-sakura camera that proved useless since I can't find film for it and I have no idea how to use it either. It doesn't even look that cool. Well well, it only cost 30kr (a bit more than 4USD)and the money went to children in need. Needy children in poor countries. So that is all good.

After that I went and bought some Pocky and noodles to comfort myself with. I'll probably spend the rest of the day lazy on my sofa with J, playing 'Enslaved', this new game from the same people who made 'Heavenly Sword'. Lazy weekends with J and video-games are the best, so I'll try to forget about my useless old camera, unfinished projects and the fact that I have no new cool images to post here so you have to look at really old stuff. Sorry 'bout that. I would think new and interesting things should happen next week unless bad things happen. After rain comes sunshine and I had plenty of rain yesterday. I can already feel the sunshine coming on. Sweet!