Thursday, December 30, 2010

Daughter of the Wolf

My friend Lise Sofie is here visiting me from Norway! I'm so happy! We met through world of warcraft and has known each others for years now and it's so nice to have her here, drinking tea, plotting roleplay-events and be creative. Today we planned a photo session and I got to play model for the first time! I found this dress that I got from J's mother this summer and it reminded me of the Scandinavian Sami people.

It was so cold outside, and my fingers went numb, but it was worth it. It was so much fun taking these photos, and I'm so happy with how they turned out. Thank you Lise, you´re such a talented photographer!

New patches!

There are even more to come, so there is plenty of reason to be all excited and jump up and down saying: "Yay! Emmy updated her shop again! Sweeeeet!"

Well, or at least smile a bit, okay? Just look at that onion!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Lomography Loves!

More turquoise and yellow. These colors make me really happy and all these photos remind me that there are yet springs and summers to come while I dwell inside during this icy cold winter.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Yay yay! The new issue of the little independent art magazine BRYLNS will be out soon and guess what? I'll be in it!

I was contacted by this magazine a long time ago about being featured but the magazine was delayed and put on hold. Number 3 of BRYLNS never saw the light of day, but now comes issue 3.5 where me and my art will be featured along with a bunch of other artists. I'm proud and happy and excited and can't wait to see the magazine, but as the website of the publishers say, they rarely do things fast and life is far too short to be stressed, so relax mmkay?

Monday, December 27, 2010

Winter adventures

I was worried about Christmas. It fills me with a sort of nauseating feeling of having eaten too much chocolate before I've even begun, but this year was different in a lot of ways.

We celebrated it with J's family in their wonderful little house in the middle of the forest. The weather was amazing. I've never seen so much snow and I kept on repeating that this was the most beautiful Christmas I ever could have imagined. Looking out the window at the crystal snowflakes falling down in the soft yellow sunlight was surreal.

The best thing of all though about this Christmas was when J took me on a ride on the kick! An old swedish way of traveling on top of snow really fast and I got to sit in front while he kicked the snow and off we went down the hills and I was screaming and laughing and waving my arms like a child! If I had seen it in a romantic movie I would have just rolled my eyes and called it cheesy, but this was for real and I'll keep it as a very happy memory and try to make Christmas into something to look forward to again. I'm still relieved it's over for now and it won't be back for another year.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

When the snow clears..

I'm back from the holidays and have some sweet photos to share, but first I want to show you a treasury I made on Etsy with items that remind me of spring, warmth and sunshine. The winter is so beautiful right now that I couldnt ask for more, but I still long for the sunshine and the new leaves and the flowers. It was loads of fun creating this treasury so go check it out if you want!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

See you again soon!

I'm going away over Christmas now and I will be back again after the holidays, hopefully with loads of cute pictures and new creative ideas and things to share with you.

I hope you all will have a nice and relaxing weekend now with plenty of hugs and maybe a gift or two? Who knows? I'm gonna be hugging Chessy and J all day long now and just try to not stress about anything. Sweeet!

Can you keep a secret?

Of course I couldn't keep away from illustrating this. Fira's reunion with Shagrath.. Oh so scary!


Yesterday something amazing happened. It might seem like the nerdiest thing to someone who hasn't been roleplaying in world of warcraft, but think of it as a long lost friendship and you suddenly find that friend right in the street! All the old memories wash over you and you feel happy and excited and all over the place with things you want to ask and say.

My old time character, the little girl Fira Firefriend the sneaky muffin-making mystery solving gnome finally found what she had been looking for.

A group of shady-looking night elves stood in a group, discussing what seemed like suspicious stuff. Fira picked up her notebook and started taking notes. Could this be the elf she had been looking for? That dark one hiding under the brim of his hat and a dark cloak?

She stalked the elves and the evidence seemed to get more and more clear. This had to be him! Her old arc nemesis, the most wicked of the wicked and he knew where her old friend Fenuviel was.. Shagrath! She was shivering with anticipation and fear.

She followed the elves into a tavern and crawled in under a table to listen in on what they were talking about, but her snooping would soon come to an end..

I ran into old roleplaying friends yesterday and we had loads of fun acting out our old characters. I hope we'll see each other again soon after christmas and I can't wait to go on with this story line. I'm eager to start making some illustrations to go along with this. It's been so long since I drew my little Fira Firefriend

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

In the twilight

This a christmas gift for my niece. She loves Twilight, so I decided to paint this and I'm actually kind of happy with it. I'm not a twilight-fan, I stand neutral, but I hope this little girl will like her gift!

I made it now this afternoon in about an hour and yeah, it's heavily based upon photo reference. I'm not that good with realistic paintings or portrait like faces since it's not really my style or taste. This is not work that I'm very proud of, but still, it's some kind of artwork and I'm happy with how Bella's hair turned out!

We´re all bittersweet here..

I got the custom dog-cowl I ordered from EarthWalkers the other day and it's lovely and soft. Chessy loves it, even though she looks bitter in her photo. That's just her normal expression. She's a bittersweet dog indeed!

It's extremely cold outside right now, so I'm really happy we got it in time. Today is the last chance for me to go shop for christmas gifts and I'm all stressed out and not super excited about it. It used to be fun back in the days before I actually had to pay for my own food, but now? Nah, not so much, even though I love to give stuff. But not all at once! Anyway, the deeds will be done along with G and before we go out in the snow we'll have some tea to brace ourselves. A bittersweet day, oh yes!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Under the Hill

Finally, the big centerpiece of my Tithe project is finished! It's been difficult and challenging but I'm proud of it and it's been really nice to work on all the little details.

This is a collage of a total of seven drawings that I put together into this feast of decadent fae creatures, getting drunk on sweet fruity wines and intoxicating incense fumes while dancing the night away. It's my favorite part of Tithe, where Kaye walks in under the hill and gets lost amongst the trashed skirts, the monsters and the hideously beautiful faeries. I might post some close-up detail pictures later on. Right now I'm tired after all this work, I'm gonna make some tea!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Lomography Loves!

Another little collection of lomo-pictures I love! I get so happy every time I make one of these features because I get to browse through so many beautiful images. I think I'd love to have a gallery and get to look at art and photography all day long. That's what I do anyway, but still! It would be amazingly cool..

I still haven't turned in my last two rolls of film to the lab and I don't know if I'm lazy, forgetful or a bit of both? Well, it's gonna be all the more exciting when I pick them up since I can't even remember what I photographed anymore. Surprise!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

What they don't tell you.. that dogs can suddenly pass a stinky one!

Maybe it's unfair to draw Chessy's very first portrait like this, but hell girl, you stink sometimes! I still love her to bits though, my stinky little dog.

Sweet Artist: rooo

I'm really inspired by 'rooo' - Jerome Mireault and his gallery of awesome line drawings and illustrations right now. His style is so edgy and confident and I love the motion his characters have and their amazing expressions.

This is the kind of style I'd love to see in a graphic novel or in my fashion magazine. It's also a style I'd love to study a bit closer to loosen up my own a bit. I've always had problems with poses, emotions and expression but I'm slowly working on it.

I also must say this illustration of cool girls with parrot-heads is my absolute favorite. I love this theme!

This cool artist has a wicked looking website too!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

How to entertain a frenchie?

Chessy, my cute dog friend is bored. At least that is what I'm guessing. She has to lay beside me while I work all day, just snoozing on her pillows and blankets. Now and then she casts me a sad glance as if wondering why I'm not paying attention to her. When I do she just rolls over and wants her tummy rubbed. I'd be bored if all I did during the day was to sleep and cuddle even though that is kind of sweet sometimes.

I've tried toys, I've tried candy and I've tried hiding tasty treats all over the apartment so she'll have something to do. She just ignores it all, giving me even more strange looks that make me feel stupid. Ah ok, she doesn't ignore the candy but I can't keep feeding her that stuff all day..

Can it really be possible with a dog who can just sleep lazily for hours a day and then be happy with some cuddling in between? I feel like I should do something for her, but what?! Tell me!

Weekday Wishes!

Ok, I usually do these posts in the weekends but I think I've had to skip two weekends in a row now, or maybe just one. I'm not good with those numbers y'know..

Anyway, I'm still inspired by carnivals and the circus and I'm thinking of maybe doing a series of acrylic paintings on this theme. I'm not sure yet, I'm just in the stage of dreaming about it still. These items from Etsy inspire me! Cute circus bears, creepy but beautiful masks and curious little girls running around wildly.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Rabbit boy is a girl..

I love animal masks, creepy girls and boys and the feeling of old time freak shows. I painted this during this fine monday afternoon while I should have been painting on my final tithe-picture, but I'll do that tomorrow, I promise!

Sweet pre-christmas celebrations!

This weekend I went to visit my little sister along with my mother to celebrate christmas together. It's early I know, but we all have different plans and won't be together on christmas-eve so we wanted this chance to make gingerbread-houses, decorate a tree, open the gifts and eat tasty food together. (tapas are nom-nom-nom's!)

It was really amazing, and all the scents of gingerbread, melted sugar, the christmas tree and candy all together made me high on christmas-spirit even though I've been feeling kind of hesitant towards this holiday as I've grown older. It's just such a holiday of family and traditions and there is this expectation that everything should be perfect and it's just not even though you pretend it is.

This year though I must say was perfect. We celebrated all saturday and it was so relaxed and calm. It may be a new tradition in the making and I hope that I can do it again next year! I love you mom, I love you little sister and I love you too daddy even though you weren't present. Thank you all for your gifts and your love. Happy Christmas!

Friday, December 10, 2010

More nerdery

Yes, I admit it. I'm addicted to creating new characters in WoW and then paint portraits of them!

This one is Anoushka Goyard, a fisherman´s daughter turned thief. She is a worgen, but scared of the beast inside of her. I wrote a pretty background story and felt the old time fantasy inspiration wave rush over me and it's so fantastic!

For a while I nearly stopped drawing all kinds of fantasy, or I neglected that part of me. I love this! Creating and roleplaying a character in a video game can inspire me so much, it's awesome, so I think I'll keep on playing now for a while and see where this takes me. I long to feel the same magical way I did as a teenager drawing faeries and elves. I might be somewhat of a nerd, but I'm all about embracing every side of yourself.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Like floating Cotton Candy

I made the base drawing for this real quickly this last weekend in a little sketchbook with roses on it that I got as a gift from J's mother. I knew I wanted to color it in pale pastel colors and give it a vintage feeling of an old fashioned carnival and this cute but grumpy looking girl holding her balloons that are pink like cotton candy. I have another drawing that I want to color in this same style.

Thought of you

Thought of You from Ryan J Woodward on Vimeo.

I'm reblogging this via Character Design Blog because I fell in love with this wonderful work of animation that just captured my heart. It's got such an amazing style of the simple lines, shades and plain background but incredibly delicate movements that are so alive and emotional. Gosh, I just love it, it's that simple! So lean back, put on full-screen mode and enjoy this sweet piece of art!

Hold on to your feet baby

I'm on the couch now with little snoring frenchie Chessy. It's very nice and soothing and helps me relax. Much of my lifestyle is about relaxing nowadays and it feels very good. I hope I can keep the stress at bay and be in control of the way I live my life.

I'm currently working on a small series of cute postcard illustrations for my shop and I hope they will turn out good enough to put up there. It's a lot of fun. I'm also starting my big finishing piece for the tithe-project soon. Overall I'm working on my art right now and cuddling my dog in between as she still has the habit of staring sadly at me unless I sit right next to her on the couch. She's manipulating me with those big sad eyes! Oh noes!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Winter walking

I went to J's parents out in the forest and we love to take long walks and just talk while we´re there. It's been a nice thing to look forward to ever since I first visited my parents in-law and we spent several days snowed in without electricity due to a huge storm. This time everything was calm and peaceful and the forest was covered in a layer of crystal white.

My camera was working kind of slow in the chilly air, but It was a pleasure to capture the winter landscape as we walked and talked about our lives, what we want to do in the future and how we feel about art. It was a very nice trip, but now I'm back at home and that is very nice too!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Weekend Wishes!

These are some of the things I really wish for this weekend. I'm especially in love with Miyas colorful bag with all the embroidered patterns, little pom pom´s and beautiful details. I'd put the lovely notebook from lennon002 in it and go to some park and snap loads of photos inspired by AmelieAPoulain who´s beautiful print on top of this post I can't stop looking at. It reminds me of how I used to dress and how I used to feel back at animation school.. Memories!

Into dark waters

My second Tithe illustration is finished! It took a lot of effort to gather my focus and just finish this piece. Since I started it a lot has happened that has distracted me, but today I just sat down with my tea and my resolve and finished it.

The story behind it is that Kaye, without knowing what she is doing unleashes fae-magic and brings a broken carousel horse into life. I wanted to capture the wild, feral power of the faerie she is and how dangerous and beautiful the other world can be. I hope you like it!