Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lomography Loves!

I'm lying in bed with my laptop, looking for beautiful images to brighten my somewhat rainy day. It's one of those days where all energy just has gone missing and I can't do much else than cuddle up underneath my blankets and stare at the ceiling. Still, it feels ok, and I like to have these days too.

It all started when my dog wrestled me down onto the kitchen floor and sat on top of my chest, staring at me with her big eyes. Up until that point I was at least active enough to write some things for school. Damned that bulldog, she always tempts me into sleepiness. What can I do though? It's impossible to resist the idea of snuggling up with her to use her back as a furry white pillow and just snooze the afternoon away. It's pretty sweet.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Writing and Drawing

Another deadline for school is approaching and I'm writing until my fingertips hurt. It's fun and interesting however, so I don't mind. I also try to squeeze in some drawing, but I quickly get a pinch of guilt in me when I realize I'm spending time on something I shouldn't be doing right now.

I've got new canvas primer and a bunch of ideas for paintings, but not the time right now. I really hate the excuse "I don't have time" but hey, this time it's true. I have to focus on school for a bit.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sweet Photographer: Jaime Ibarra

Jaime Ibarra is an amazing spanish/australian photographer based in America. I can't remember when I first spotted his work, but I know that from the start I was blown away by the beautiful portraits and the amazing colors. I think it's the colors and the sort of faded feeling of his imagery that brings me back again and again to stare at these photographs. I feel the urge to paint every time I look at his work, so a source of inspiration? For sure, without a doubt.

He has a big collection of photography on DA, so if you enjoy these pictures you just have to go see all the others!

Monday, March 28, 2011


A little tribute piece to Alexander McQueen. This dress is one of many favorites I've got from him.

Fashion has always been a huge source of inspiration for my art, and McQueen really mixed art with fashion in my opinion. There are so many fantastic dresses in his collections that could belong in another world entirely. Dresses made out of roses. Girls with antlers on their heads and coats worthy of princesses and queens. Not the real life boring kind of princesses either, but the kind that dwell in castles and mysterious forests, running off to new adventures.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Deliberate Decay

She's screwed up, obviously.. Well I just drew this while feeling very odd yesterday and finished coloring it today. I didn't think much, but I guess it turned out very depressing and kind of scary in a way. Still though, I like it somehow, and just drawing cheerful, happy, pretty stuff wouldn't be very interesting.

I have a growing sense of something bad in me, but I hope it goes away soon. It may be the stress of school, it might be being alone for so much time at home, or it might just be girly hormones, who knows really? I'll cope, and make some sweet tea.


Some character concepts for an idea that spawned out of another picture I made that inspired a friend. The title is weird, I know, but it's just temporary since I have no clue what this character's name is! She's some kind of russian bounty-hunter in a post apocalyptic zombie world. A knife fighter and a smoking bastard.

I just felt like sharing, feel free to comment on her design and if you have any ideas for costume designs, names or well.. Anything! This could be a project in the making.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Weekend Wishes!

There is sunshine outside my windows and me, Chessy and my mom are sitting huddled together in the same corner of our couch as if it wasn't big enough. It's very heart-warming and sweet, so I felt like sharing some Etsy-favorites with color and a feeling of springtime happiness!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Blade of the Immortal

I have been super busy with writing this whole week. It's going well, I'm almost finished with the main creative part of the writing, and next week comes the academic part. Meanwhile I don't get much time to draw or collect images. For inspiration in my writing though I've been reading Blade of the Immortal. I don't read comics a lot, and I've left manga a bit behind, but I'm making an exception for this series. The main reason is the amazing artwork that leaves me breathless in each scene. Hiroaki Samura is a huge inspiration to me, and I stare at his beautiful line work and subtle shadows and just feel left in awe. It's a very brutal manga though. I would recommend it to anyone, but know that it is not for children in any way. Body parts go flying here..

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Idle sketching

I spent most of yesterday playing around, talking to a new friend over skype and sketching all the while. It was a pleasant day. I think I needed it to just calm down and clear my head a bit. Not that I feel any less confused today, I have pages and pages of story to write for school and although it's very enjoyable, I'm beginning to feel that the time limit is way too close.

Today will surely be spent on the couch with a huge cup of chaï tea! I haven't tasted this flavor since late summer last year, and it makes me feel all happy. I love going to the tea-shop. I don't really have any money to spend on anything, but I have to have my tea. I can't function without it.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Mixed feelings

I get obsessed with things. This is both good and bad. It's good because it means I really have the ability to focus and to pour all my heart and soul into something. Like making clothes for dolls, paint miniatures, skateboarding or reading tarot cards. I learn these things, get really into them and love them. I get loads of inspiration and pick up new skills really fast because I'm enjoying myself so much it almost hurts. I don't think I would have turned out drawing as I do today unless I had this part of my personality. I probably wouldn't have been able to crate as many things as I do today either. That is why I love this part of myself, because it brings me a lot of good things and It makes me really happy.

The bad thing however is that once I get obsessed with something, it tends to take all the space in my head, and there is just no room for anything else. It's like my mind is tied to the obsession in question and even if I try to distract myself with other things, I can't get it out of my head.

Now, I think I can't get rid of this, because it's a big part of who I am and I need to be ok with it. What I can do though is to try to just relax and let it take it's course without guilt. I just need to be able to communicate this issue to the people around me so that they understand that my lack of interest in social contact or other activities doesn't mean I'll stay that way forever. My obsessions come and go, and I'll snap out of my current one eventually. Until I do, I'll try to have as much fun with it as I can and not feel bad about it. We all have our quirks right?

Wahlmer Westwind

I just finished this character portrait and now I sit with empty hands. I'm planning to write stories all day long, lying in bed with my laptop, drinking coffee. I know my dog will like that, she loves just snoozing on top of my arm while I'm trying to write something.

I feel tired today, like so many other days lately. My mind is in many places at once and it makes me more confused than usual. I want to apologize to my friends for isolating myself lately. I'm just not very good social company right now I guess. I'm working on changing that, and I hope for many picnics and nice talks over tea in the future. Until then, I'll remain hidden at home until I feel good enough to go out. I hope you understand.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Weekend Wishes!

I want to paint my walls in a pale shade of mint, or take photographs of eroded copper. This color palette dominates a lot of my own paintings and I love pale yellow, brown, sand mixed with mint and pale blue. Colors, colors, I know! These items just inspire me this weekend.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Scarlette Riverwood

This took me a while to finish because I had so much fun with it. I've never really painted an older lady before, and I had loads of fun with the little wrinkles and with really nailing the personality of this character.

Scarlette is a wicked old fortune teller, obsessed with youth. She constantly drinks potions and intakes herbs to keep her aging at bay. She can also shift form to her younger self, a red haired beauty once upon a time. Now nothing more than a selfish old hag in a tower. Scarlette is another character involved in the role play story line I am basing my thesis project on. She was played by me as a side character who was an important piece in a treasure hunt.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Lomography Loves!

More pink shades. I guess I can't get enough of these colors right now. Colors shift with moods and dreams for me and right now these colors make me smile the most.

Today I took a real long walk with Chessy, listening to 'the Knife' and enjoying the dry asphalt underneath my shoes for the first time since November! Spring is really here this time, and I can feel my mood shift and I get more energy. Maybe I'll have energy enough to actually bring my own lomo-camera out again soon! It's sad how little I've been using it this winter. Now is the time for that to change!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sweet Artist: Alessandro Barbucci

I knew I would feature Barbucci eventually. He has been my main source of inspiration for the longest time. A friend of mine showed me Sky Doll one summer and that comic-book is so leafed through that the pages are beginning to wear out. I can't get enough of this sweet art style. You have to read Sky Doll if you haven't already, and check out Alessandros blog for more art!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I'm all grown up now

Because I'm drinking coffee! Still with milk though. I can't take the bitterness otherwise. But anyway, growing up for me is just as bittersweet as my coffee. I wasn't joking when I said that if I were a fairy-tale I'd be Peter Pan. I'm scared of growing up. I'm scared of getting older and having to put the label of 'adult' over my face. I'm already labeled with 'wife' which I hate in so many ways. Don't get me wrong, I love being married to J, but the title that comes along with marriage is not fun for me to carry. It makes me feel old.

Why would that be a bad thing? I think age is something beautiful in a way, and we all grow up at the same pace so why so scared? Well I have no idea. I've always just had this desire to be smaller, younger, tinier I am for as long as I can remember. Even when I was a kid I actually wanted to be smaller, like a mouse.

Being married and drinking coffee might identify me as an adult, but I'm still playing like a kid, and I will never stop doing that for as long as I live. That's a promise to myself..

Monday, March 14, 2011

Things I shouldn't be doing..

Another character portrait from my role playing adventures, sheesh, I just can't stop myself!

So this wicked-looking guy is Vincent, my guild-leader. Why shouldn't I be drawing this? Well, because I should be drawing other stuff for school! The irony of it all? I should be drawing other character illustrations from world of warcraft - for school! Yeah, I do enjoy playing games and analyze them to get my university graduation, but mixing a hobby with serious business has it's downsides too. It makes me tired and confused. What is for school, what is personal? How do I deal with all the emotions pulling my hair in different directions? How do I make this blog-post to make sense?

Okay, I'll stop now and write something useful for my thesis instead. But first: Coffee!

Sunday, March 13, 2011


I've drawn so many portraits of my roleplaying character Fawne Westwind, but none seem to capture her personality very well. Perhaps I should give up, but then again my entire graduation from University is about this character and I'm having loads of fun playing her. Lately poor Fawne has managed to talk herself into more trouble than ever and until she learns to defent herself properly, she'll have to endure the pain that comes with it I suppose.

Me and J are having a lazy Sunday, playing Dragon Age 2 and drinking loads of coffee. It feels nice.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Weekend Wishes!

Saturated pink and murky brown. I want to go out into a magical forest today and sleep in the moss, looking for strange butterflies and animals that can talk. These shops inspire me!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Outflight for sale!

My watercolor painting Outflight is now up for sale on Etsy. I never intended to sell this piece, but I've had several requests so now I've put it up there anyway. I hope somebody will pick it up!

I had so much fun making this piece since it was a kind of experiment. It is painted on paper dyed with tea and coffee which makes it prettily off-white. The paper has it's little wrinkles and flaws that came naturally in the making of this paper, but that is the way it was intended. I think it's charm is kind of that it's not perfect.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Faded colors

I have so many ideas for tattoos I'd like to get, but I know it wouldn't be a good thing to do. My taste varies so fast and I just know I'd grow tired. Luckily I can always tattoo the girls I draw.

This is a fully digital piece I finished just now. I had the urge to just let my wacom-pen work a little. Now I'm heading out into the rain-snow-sand-mess again with Chessy. Aren't we brave?

Bulldog comfort

I feel down today. I blame the weather. I won't be able to enjoy the rain until they clear the streets of all the disgusting sand they've thrown out to prevent people from slipping on the ice. That sand follows me in through the door, all over the floor and even gets into my bed.

Yeah, I'm whining today. I just felt like I had to. I think it's ok to whine now and then when things seem dull and everything feels boring and useless. My dog still makes me smile though, especially when she lies on the carpet with her legs behind her and her big eyes staring at me, wondering why I only listen to sad songs today.

She is my remedy, my little pill against the sad. It's impossible to keep frowning when she climbs into my lap as if she were a tiny cat and not a bulky bulldog.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I'm on lookbook! It feels kind of odd. For those who aren't familiar with what that is, this site is like one giant library of fashion photography from loads of people all over the world. I've been crazy about this site for a long time, gathering loads of inspiration and just enjoying the pretty looks people post. It's a bit double-sided though since all those pretty people kind of make me feel ugly. Bittersweet indeed!

To get rid of that feeling I decided that I wanted to join in too, maybe as a way to motivate my own interest in clothes and fashion. I'm no fashionista, I'll never be, but I love clothes and shapes, colors and mixing them together into stuff I enjoy wearing! This is what I wear while walking Chessy today.