Sunday, July 31, 2011

Growing up

I hate growing up. Right now my entire life situation scares the shit out of me and I start to cry all the time over all the small things that I have to deal with to make things work. My time in Scotland was a way for me to relax and just escape reality for a while, and now reality comes crashing back twice as horrible and I have to just man up and stay strong. It's not easy. Well, tomorrow I'll have my own home at least, but I won't have the money to get electricity, or even a proper bed, so we'll see how that goes.

I realize this all sounds pretty gloomy and horrible, but that's how I feel right now. I'll try to cheer up. This image is a drawing I made at Gothenburg airport before going to Scotland, and I colored it when I came back. Nothing original about it, just very me I guess..

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Weekend Wishes!

On Monday I'm moving into my new place and I'm beyond excited about it. I'm very thankful that I've been able to stay at my fathers place for this period of time, but I'm 23 years old and I moved away from home when I was 16. I seriously can't stand not having my own place, it makes me itch and panic. However, tomorrow is the last day and I'll be packing all my stuff, taking my Scotsman with me and build my new nest with all my pretty teacups, my collection of fawn-figurines and my cute pink quilt and all the pillows and cuteness I have gathered over the years. I miss my stuff. It's been in boxes for far too long.

I'm terribly short of money at the moment. It's scary how close I am to having absolutely nothing at all at the moment, and no matter how hard I work, all that money dissapears into address changes, internet connections, rent, new furniture and food. Well, those are things I would get if I could afford them. Now I think I'm down to rent, and possibly food. I might pick internet over food on my list of priorities though, since internet can bring me new money. Well, all I can do is keep on working on commissions and hope I can pay my mom back for the money she lent me for rent. Sorry I'm such a miserable poor artist at the moment. I'll try to cheer up.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Oh the chaos..

I feel like I get nothing done right now. Everything is sort of a mess since I still have all my belongings in boxes and my current workplace is a couch, where I also sleep. I feel a bit panicky about it all, because all I want right now is my own place and gaaawd how I want it! Well, on monday I'll be moving into my own apartment and I'll finally be able to breathe properly again, work and live like I want and not have to worry so much about small things. Well, I'll be forced to worry about bigger things, such as how to afford rent. Oh jeez.. I should just stop thinking about it and start to worry about which color to choose for my curtains instead, yeah... That's a way more pleasant problem to deal with at the moment.

And oh, the picture is my baby T-rex with robot arms and roller skates! It lost in battle against an epic turtle with a metal jaw, spikes and extra wheels for added support. Yeah.. That's the sort of stuff that spawns our of mine and Matthew's imaginations when we are tired at airports after no sleep for hours. Now I should try to finish up some real art and earn myself some money for rent and food though because otherwise I won't be moving into a new apartment, but rather onto the street. Weeee!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Art display in Stockholm

Me and G have our art put up on display at the Science Fiction Bookstore in Stockholm. If you happen to pass by, our artwork is hanging by the staircase up to the second floor. I decided to put up all the artwork I've done inspired by faeries and Holly Black's Modern Fairytale books.

Saturday, July 23, 2011


I'm back in Sweden, and my sleeping pattern is way off. I don't mind though, it has its benefits since it means I can get up to get breakfast out as soon as the shops open without feeling tired at all.

Now I'll get back to working as I'm used to. Commissions, comic and blogging every day again. I'm a bit stressed out since I have some stuff piled up after not being able to work at all in Scotland. It's not too much though, and I'll be able to catch up soon enough. Gaaah, I'm really lookong forward to doing all that deadzone stuff I was planning to do on my trip. There are some cool ideas that need art. We got some candy and strawberries today, so we'll be able to write and draw for a while now. Omnomnom!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Weekend Wishes!

elgarboart Soul Role

I miss drawing and blogging, but I don't have the things I need to make that happen over here in Scotland. I'm considering this a true vacation from now on, and I'll just have to accept that I won't get any real work done. It's ok, I probably need to rest and just clear my head doing other things rather than slave in front of my computer. I'll have plenty of time to do that when I return to Sweden and school starts again, because yeah, I just couldn't stay away. I'm going to study a fourth year at university to get my masters degree. The subject I'll be writing about is still role play online. I mean, role play for me is really important, and it obviously has given me a lot of opperunities and special friends. I wouldn't be in Scotland at all if it weren't for World of Warcraft. Some might claim that it's not a very social activity, or look down on it, but I've gotten some of my best friends ever through that game. My dear L who I miss a lot. I'm sorry I haven't been accessible sweetie, because my life has turned upside down. Things will be better soon, I promise.

So, about this weekends wishes? I love these warm summery colors! Scotland is rainy and cold at the moment, which I don't mind, because I spend all day inside cuddling in bed anyway, so I don't really need sunshine at the moment. I still enjoy it in these pictures though. Happy happy warm colors!

Monday, July 11, 2011

So uhm.. Scotland!

This is seriously the first thing I saw when I stepped off the bus from the airport in Edinburgh. The second thing I saw was the rain, and then I heard some thunder, and then I had a long day on a train before I got to Aberdeen. Since then I've been really busy, and blogging might not be as regular these two weeks as it usually is. Partly because I'll be around being busy, and partly because my laptop battery will die soon and I still haven't been able to get any power adapter to work. If I don't there might not be able to write at all.

Now I'm being distracted by Matthew dressing up in my clothes, saying something about "the dark side" so I better go.. NOW HE'S HITTING ME, HELP!

Weekend Wishes!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Glamorous and light headed

Me, little sister and mom are taking it easy in Gothenburg, drinking some pink champagne and celebrating both me and my mother having our birthdays now these days. Hers on the fifth, mine on the ninth.

I decided to take a bath to relax and brought my champagne with me like a true glamorous.. uhm, something. Well, it felt glamorous up until the point where I almost passed out on the bathroom floor because I couldn't handle the heat. God, I'm still feeling all light headed and weak. But we´re going out to dinner soon, and after that I'll go to sleep early and prepare for an entire day of traveling tomorrow. By this time tomorrow I'll be getting on a train from Edinburgh to Aberdeen, ready to enjoy the view of the entire east coast along the way, trying to handle my own nervousness.

They are real...

Tomorrow I'm going to Gothenburg to meet my sister, celebrate my birthday, my moms birthday and just life in general. After that, I'm going straight to Scotland, so my traveling begins in just a few hours. Now this has me very nervous, well, insanely nervous actually.

I met Matthew in World of Warcraft and ended up as his assassin apprentice. A few weeks later I made a portrait of his character Vincent, and well, I think it was since then we´ve been discussing making something together. A picture of mine spawned the ideas that became Deadzone and I knew I'd have to go meet this guy, and now I'll be standing there this friday! In real life! Now for those who don't know, real life means when there is no computer in between. I'm not kiddin' you! It means you can actually see each other without having to fit your face into a little webcam-square!

So yeah, the comic pretty much explains what my reaction will be when I meet the guys from my comic in real life. And oh yeah, they will all realize the mistake they made when they invited a shy, nervous retard from Swedurrr....

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Breakfast on the train station

Today I went on a short visit back to Skövde to meet up with G and fix some stuff. I had to get up really early to catch the train and ended up getting a tasty tasty sandwich and a cup of hot cinnamon latte. So then I sat there on the platform enjoying this while daydreaming and listening to old mp3's. Now I'm home again and I feel exhausted. I could just go to sleep, but it's my mothers birthday today, Love you mom! <3 So there might be something special happening later tonight. Until then... rest.

Monday, July 4, 2011

The Rain of London

Right, two posts in a row, but I felt like the art I've done today were two very different pieces so I wanted to separate them. After finishing my commission I felt like doing something for myself, and I do love my Katia Wise of Deadzone, so I wanted to try to make a more realistic approach to her and make a brand new promo-piece. This is the result.

While working on Deadzone art I always play this song, Knife Prty by Deaftones. I've come to think of it as the theme song of King Kreep. I should give him a real promo piece soon too when I think about it.. Ah well.

My knife - it's sharp and chrome
Come see inside my bones
All of the fiends are on the block
I'm the new king, I'll take the queen
'Cause in here we´re all anemic
In here - anemic and sweet... so

Go get your knife, go get your knife
And come in
Go get your knife, go get your knife
And lay down
Go get your knife, go get your knife
Now kiss me

Oooh... We can float here forever
In this room we can't touch the floor
In here we´re all anemic
In here - anemic and sweet... so

Go get your knife, go get your knife
Go get your knife, go get your knife
And lay down
Go get your knife, go get your knife
Get filthy
Go get your knife, go get your knife
And kiss me...

Deaftones - Knife Prty


Today I finished this commission. Working on this felt like going back to when I was 14 years old and my biggest obsession in life was elves, one certain Legolas in particular, haha! Oh yes, I was totally a hysterical Legolas-fangirl back then and had an entire wall covered in pictures of him. So while working on this I made a playlist of some music I used to listen to back then and I just smiled the whole time.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Weekend Wishes!

Deadzone Scotland!

I was in to buy some new clothes at a second hand store today and found something quite special. I have a thing for gasmasks, and this one cost me almost nothing, so I jumped on it and got it even though the lady behind the counter gave me strange looks because of my combo of cute dresses and skirts mixed with army gear.

So it's just 6 days left until I get on the plane to Scotland now, and there is plenty of excitement running around in my mind. I'll leave most of it inside my head, but one thing that you might be interested in is how things are going with Deadzone? Well, me and Mr. Joy have been busy with our cute geeky webcomic for a while and decided to leave Deadzone until we can discuss and work on it face-to-face. We also have plans to start raise some funding to be able to work on it properly, as well as pitching our bastard child that is this project to various comic book publishers. One step at a time. Patience is good they say. I'll share some new concept art of Dominik (now nicknamed "Domme" because of her increasing dominatrix sexyness). More will come in the future!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Of Winter

In stark contrast to the heat wave that currently has me suffering like crazy, I did this chilled winter picture this morning as a commission. I was so inspired while painting this, and I fell in love with the characters I was portraying. I hope to draw them again some day!