Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Hangover

I've grown increasingly more interested in clothes lately. I think last months crazy shopping habits woke me up from years of not caring about what I'm wearing. Well, I'm still not rich enough to go around buying everything I want, but I can still wish for it and admire lots and lots of fantastic fashion lookbooks out there!

These photos are from the lookbook "the hangover" on Planet Blue. I love the decadent summer feeling of them. Gah, why is it still winter outside? Why?! I want to go to summer parties and stay outside all night without getting cold. Patience enmi... patience.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Another Encounter

A while ago I got this very odd idea that I should crawl out of my apartment and go out drinking and dancing on my own. No friends with me or any plans in particular except to see what would happen and how it would feel to just be me in a situation I've never been in before. So while watching a live band I can't remember the name of I met this guy who came back home with me. A very odd adventure for me I must say. I didn't think I'd ever meet him again, and in a sleepy inspired mood I drew a spontaneous portrait of him. Somehow that rather stalker-like move caused a very interesting chain of events and now we´ve known eachother for about two months I believe.

During this time I've got to go on plenty more adventures and met lots of new interesting people. This girl is one of them. It's very surreal to meet people that actually look like characters I usually draw from imagination. I had a lot of fun drawing all the details of her fantastic body art.

So hopefully, in the future, I'll get to keep going on adventures. It's given me so much energy and inspiration although I have less time to paint and write now. I think it's a fair price to pay considering life experience is something I want and need. Drawing can wait a bit until life slows down again.

Cheeso the little Piggy!

Ever since I got a job this summer I've been thinking about how this little bulldog hates being alone at home. I've been stressing back and forth from work to make sure she gets her walks and some quick cuddles between my hours at the office, but it's been clear that she hasn't been happy, and neither have I. My life looks very different now from what it did when I first got this baby. Back then I lived with J, I studied and worked from home. I had this fear of leaving my apartment because of social anxiety and Chessy really helped me gain back some energy to get out into the air, meet people and not just stay in bed all day long.

Well, things have changed in a lot of ways, and I made the desicion that for both me and Chessys well-being, she should move to somewhere she gets all the attention and time she deserves. This thursday she was picked up by a really sweet family who had a little bulldog girl since before. Now my little Chessy will get to hang out with another frenchie all day long and get tons of love. I've been really sad to see her go, but I feel relief at the same time knowing that she'll be happy. Now I have to stop writing before I get all teary-eyed. Love you Chessy the Bulldog! Love you to bits!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My little chaos

I've got a tiny apartment, my little chaotic nest where I collect cute things I love and then put them all over the place in no real order. I'm an incredibly lazy person when it comes to doing my dishes, making food for myself or cleaning in general. It's a shame really, because with all these neat things I've collected over the years I could have a really cute apartment. Now it's kind of gross...

I have an urge to change this though, oh, I'm not naïve enough to believe I can change myself into becoming more neat and tidy, but I can do a real cleanup for once and make sure I can walk around and feel good about myself for folding my laundry or making myself a real hot plate of noodles. Not pot-noodles, but real ones with sweet chili and eggs! My new favorite. If I cleaned this place I might actually be able to sit by my sewing machine again! I have ideas I want to work on.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Weekday Wishes!

I've been so busy in the weekends lately that my Weekend Wishes posts have been neglected! I'm forced to make a 'Weekday' wishlist instead because it's been all too long and Etsy is still filled with cute items to find.

So why have I been so busy? Well, I've started to be a bit braver and more spontaneous, so I'm actually going out to meet people and do things on my spare time instead of shutting myself inside my home to sit with my laptop in bed all the time. I like the mix of things I do nowadays. I'm more social and adventurous which fills me with new ideas and a bit more energy, but I'm still cosy cuddly enmi who loves to just stay in bed an entire day to look at pretty pictures. I can be both!

This new way of leaving home more often has made me realize some things that make me sad however, such  as how I really can't give my dear dog the time she needs. I've known this ever since I got a full-time job, but now that I don't spend all my spare time at home anymore it's become painfully obvious that my dog deserves more than this. I'm currently doing my best to find a home for her where she can get what she needs. It hurts and it brings me down, but I know it's the right thing to do... We'll see what happens.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sanctum - The Box!

I won't try to act humble in this moment, because I have to admit I'm somewhat hysterically proud of this. Sanctum has been for sale for quite some time now, but it's being released in a box with lots of extras. It's up for sale on Amazon now, available for pre-orders! 

I'm just waiting to hold the thing in my own hands, because I still can't quite believe I'm actually a part of this, the neat little team of Coffee Stain Studios and the making of Sanctum. What is even more difficult to believe is that my art is all over this box, and inside it! You get a poster and best of all, a little comic book! Gaaaah, I wanna jump and scream a little. I can suddenly put published comic book artist on my resumé as well as having painted the cover art for the box of a shipped game title. I told you I wouldn't try to be humble. I feel beyond awesome right now and I just wish I had a party to go along with this feeling. Party at my place!


I love zombies, and they scare the shizzle out of me. I've always wanted to paint one properly but I haven't really had the guts (hehee) to really trash up a face until now. It was easier than I expected.

It's strange and very entertaining how I think most of my friends actually have plans for what they would do in case of zombie outbreak. As if it was a likely scenario! It has come to the point where it actually feels as if it could happen any day, and certain mornings, especially early in the weekends It almost feels like zombie apocalypse has gone by and left everything abandoned. Sure it would be exciting, but I can't say I'm hoping it would happen. I'll settle for witnessing it in movies and TV-series.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Self Customization

I haven't forgotten about this feature! Today I'm wearing the cute tights my sister got me for christmas with a kind of swedish folklore pattern on them. Jeans skirt with white suspenders, my trusty black hoodie and black/teal scarf. It's super cold outside. About my own cold it just won't go away! I keep sneezing and coughing and my face hurts, but at least I'm back at work now, I'm well enough to sit and draw again.

I really badly need to visit the pharmacy though to get something for my aching back. I feel like an old lady who can't even stand up from a chair normally without wincing in pain. Why oh why? Nuh-uh, I've been complaining like crazy all weekend, I have to stop now. Back to happy thoughts. Find that happy place, now!

Sweet nostalgia

I went out of the city this weekend to just relax (I thought) since I've been kind of sick and feverish. Turned out not to be very relaxing but a whole lot of fun to witness chaotic partying while being sober on a couch. Anyway, during my little trip I found a sweet nostalgic treat in form of bubblegum I haven't tasted since I was a kid! They used to sell these so cheap, they are still cheap but I remember I always got some after school on my way home. Now I have a little pile of tasty bubblegum on my desk as I work!

I also keep finding music I had half forgotten and while listening to it I get all those memories and feelings back! Like how I listened to 'Ceasars - Candy Cane' an entire summer while skateboarding, how I worked on Bloodline Champions in the school basement for another summer while listening to 'Those Dancing Days' endlessly. Happy stuff!

There is still snow and winter outside but since no sunlight even reaches into my office I can still pretend it's summer. It sure feels like it right now!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sweet Artist: Ruben Ireland

I have a cold and a sore throat. All I want right now is to paint or take photos, anything, I'm so inspired but I'm stuck in bed. Dear Elysia sent me this great source of inspiration though so I'm stealing it to do an artist feature!

Ruben Ireland is an illustrator based in London who creates these amazingly good looking pictures that I'd really hang on my wall if I could. He uses digital methods as well as traditional and I'm really quite captivated by his themes and the faces of the characters he paints. Gah, so much inspiration, like I said, and nowhere to put it right now!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Of dreams, fears and such...

I would consider my current job to be a dream come true. I'm very happy to be able to make a living out of what I love doing, painting. I've had another dream though since I was a kiddo, and that is to become a fashion designer.

I've been dreaming about going to a certain fashion school for years and years now but always finding reasons not to. Such as not being good enough, wanting to stick around friends and loved ones, being scared in general and thinking I'd never be able to make it, the competition would be too difficult, the pressure too much to handle and that I wouldn't fit in amongst the kinds of people I imagine work in the fashion industry.

Since I'm now trying to live my life as I want it, by my rules without following anyone but myself, I think it's about time I kick myself out of this fear and do something about it.

I'll have to go through some lectures and classes in pattern making and sewing before being able to apply for the real deal school in Stockholm, but that would also give me time to stick around with CoffeeStain Studios a while longer and get to prepare without stress. I really want to go through with this, but I still have all those fears left to deal with. Hopefully I'll be able to get past them and just go for what I want. If all else fails, I'll always have the video game industry and other stuff to fall back on, and that's nothing to complain about.

Thursday, January 5, 2012


 I took a shower, lit some candles, ate some spicy soup and then started to paint a new acrylic piece. It's unusually cosy and idyllic even for me. I guess I'm just in an unusually good mood or something. The painting is just in a sketchy phase right now with the background colour and some base paint for the figures laid down. I'll probably keep working tomorrow and this weekend as well.

I hope this good mood gets to stick around, because I could get used to this quite easily. It's kind of like that feeling I get when spring is approaching, even though I know it's really far away still. I'm looking forward to things, opening my eyes a bit to things I used to care about that I just forgot while being gloomy and feeling awful most of the time. I guess just as easily as I get stuck in vicious circles of no energy, sadness and inactivity I can get a boost in the right direction once I start eating, creating and feeling good things. Why is this always so darn difficult to remember while being sad? In any case, I'll go on with my cosy evening now.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

More Self Customization

Ok, this was fun, so I had to make another today. It's a perfect thing to doodle during breaks at work.

Today I'm wearing my fluffy, furry cowl, a jeans skirt and a newly bought lumberjack shirt from Matix.

I'm happy today, and I was happy yesterday too, and the day before that. Good things are happening and I feel like I've been living in a very unsusual state of luxury since I'm currently spending the days with my random encounter who just happens to make me amazing food every day! I'm such a lucky girl. I mean, last night I got wok with egg noodes, red curry and tasty tasty chicken, and when I got home from lunch today there was toast, with eggs! Omnomnomnom, so much energy. He's leaving today though so I'm back on microwave food for a bit. I'm planning to spend tonight painting though, I might do a livestream too which I haven't done in a while. Now I'll go back to work, break is over.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Self Customization

It's a new year and I have no resolution but I can try to start a new blog feature! I've slowly started to get back to actually caring about stuff I've been interested in before but forgotten. Such as clothes for example! It's been a self preservation tecnique I guess, to stop caring about clothes since I haven't been able to afford to be fashionable. Now I earn my own cash though, and I can actually treat myself to sweet new stuff now and then.

I'm thinking of starting a little "what-I-wore" feature, but since this is an art blog rather than a fashion blog I'll try to make these little self portraits instead of photographing myself. I really can't be bothered posing for that many photos either.

So, today I'm wearing new, very extremely baggy jeans from Humör, my slouchy hat from Love and Knit, my retro panasonic headphones, a vintage tee-hoodie I picked up while traveling Chicago and an old checkered scarf I almost forgot I had.

These clothes make me want to go out skateboarding! I used to do that when I was way younger, and this spring I plan to get myself a longboard. Happy times!