Friday, March 30, 2012

Join the cause!

I don't normally bring up politics or society issues on my blog, but this is simply too important to ignore. Spontaneous combustion. This plague of fiery fear that threatens to overwhelm everyone, anywhere at any time. You could be the next innocent victim to suffer from sudden unexplainable flames eating away at your flesh!

Nah, seriously though. This thing comes from a growing annoyance I'm completely certain I'm not alone in feeling. Slacktivism. The various facebook pages that urges you to share and like if you hate cancer or child abuse, as if there are people who actually do enjoy cancer and praise it as something good, or people that suddenly go: "Woah, children suffer from abuse and violence? Goodness, if I like this page this evil will surely have to come to an end!"

I'm sure most people mean well, but seriously? If you want to do something, join a cause and do somethign real, send money to real help organizations or write mails to politicians and people who can actually do something instead of sitting there going: "Aaaw, what a cute kid, how sad that she suffers from cancer, I have to show my support on facebook because that will help her immensely."

Don't want to step on any toes here, just trying to spread awareness of spontaneous combustion. Share this message if you don't want your loved ones to suddenly burst into flames! DO IT NOW!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sweet Artist: Graham Franciose

 These colours are addictive. I love the coffee/tea shaded, softly spotted and splashed images of Graham Franciose. He sells these on Etsy and I can imagine that these look lovely on almost any wall. I think I'd rather see them in a quirky story books in the same feel as Gaimans Coraline. It's like a little story in every single picture. On his website he states himself:

"A lot of my work deals with the quiet moments in a story, between excitement and action where the characters deal with internal conflicts, doubt, lonliness, wonder, apprehension. My work often comes across as sad and melancholy, but there is always a sense of hope that I am trying to portray. I try to keep the meaning and scenario of my work open ended so each viewer can interpret the narrative in their own way. There is a story in there, but it's up to you to decide what it is.

On a more personal note regarding my own art block and life in general, I've been looking at apartments because I need more space and to move out of my tiny student apartment. I mean, I live with a bear, I need more rooms! I'll make sure to get myself a wonderful workspace area with all my things and supplies. I think a large part of my hesitation when it comes to creating art at home is because I don't have a proper place to do it. The bed is ruled out, the kitchen table is very non inspirational and my desk is too small and it's cluttered with important papers and my huge computer that I rarely use, (since I'm in bed with my macbook) Well well, the future is looking bright and I have tons of inspiration from this sweet artist.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

An amazing feeling

My feet hurt, my fingers hurt and I feel amazingly happy. I got this sweet baby today, going to the store slightly worried that I'd spend lots of money on something I'm not even sure I'm going to use. I have a tendency to feel silly and awkward when trying new things an even though I've been skateboarding before, it was years ago and longboarding is all new to me. It's a bit different but the little I've been trying today I just love it. Even though I ache because my body isn't used to it and my fingers are shafed from the grip tape I'm happy happy. The only thing that's missing now is learning how to slow down. Jeez!

Friday, March 23, 2012


Slowly spring is getting more and more obvious. It's really, really awesome. Yep, simply awesome. Today while heading home from work I saw the bear and his friend sitting on a bench by my office with their longboards, in t-shirts and sunglasses and I realized it was way too warm out to wear my jacket and a hoodie. It's a friggin' amazing feeling to throw your jacket off and not feel cold for the first time in months. I got to try the longboards too since I'm planning to get my own very very soon and I've only had a regular skateboard before.

So I'm most likely getting a rather short, light deck so that the feeling is sort of the same as with a regular skate. It's painfully clear that I have a lot of balance and footing to get back. I'm so unsteady I'll probably topple over in the street and severely injure my face first thing I do. I'm still excited about this even though I'll probably be hiding in the shadows while I learn to keep steady before I venture out into the sunshine with my new board.

It's a spacecore riot!

Another creative friday at work has passed and I played around with the idea of what kind of musicians could exist in Elysion One, the city of Sanctum. Of course all the band names are made up based on the nicknames we have at the office. I'm probably gonna work more on the layout and background for the finished piece that might or might not be included somewhere in relation to Sanctum 2. No giving away secrets here!

I went shopping for some clothes today (which is a very unusual occurrence for me) and I'm a bit more prepared for summer now. I managed to get the wrong size of tee though so I have to go back tomorrow to return it, but no matter. It's very likely that I'll go to get myself that longboard I've been longing for tomorrow! Exciting.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Uugh, nooo...

I'm demotivated. I'm lazy and too tired to bother with anything. It's not that life isn't good, it's kind of the opposite. It is very good! I mean, I came home from work today and find my boyfriend playing the game I've been a part of developing, and tonight is pancake night.

Nah, I've got no problem with life right now, it's just my creative motivation that is sadly lacking. I think it's this whole paint 8-hours a day every single day thing that does it. Sitting down in front of my computer at home to make art after doing it full time at work just doesn't feel the as it did when I just did it for fun and for myself.

It's kind of sad, and it's bringing me down since I really want to paint my own stuff. What I do at work is amazingly fun, but it's not my own. I tell myself every day that I'll sketch something, or paint a traditional piece just to mix things up. At least lift my camera to take a picture of a tree or whatever, but no.

I know art blocks are common and I've tried to help friends in the past to get out of theirs, now I think I need some of that help. What can I do to get my creative spark and energy back?! HELP!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Weekend wishes!

Another very lazy sunday has almost passed. Just playing video games and eating junk food in bed. I'm a bit disappointed in myself for not getting out to be in the spring sun today, because I know it would have made me feel a bit fresher and awake. Well well, yesterday I got to go out and eat a delicious lemon cake at a café so I shouldn't complain. At least this weekends wish list is all spring-coloured and happy!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Skinny skin bird

I finally managed to pull myself together long enough to create some personal art. I don't know why I've been so slow on creativity lately.

In any case, this is a theme I've wanted to draw since I first got together with this sweet skinhead I found. It's just a style of clothing I've loved since years back but of course it flared up again now. While I'm not brave enough to shave my own hair off in a real chelsea cut, I still find myself really inspired by the culture. It just looks so darn good!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Canyon Child

I love the colours and the feeling of this lookbook from Planet Blue called Canyon Child. It makes me want to grow my hair out to that insane hippie length again but keep my fringe. Well, nothing to do there except avoiding to cut my hair and then wait I guess. Last week was so dull due to sickness and a generally bad mood but right now things are real nice. Sure I'm a bit stressed out because I'm looking for a new apartment and such, but it's also quite exciting. I'm also looking forward to summer, especially when looking at these photos. I'm going to the Peace & Love festival this summer, my first festival experience ever and there are so many bands I want to see. As soon as I feel like I can afford it I'll get myself a longboard too, oh goodness yes, this spring and summer will be great, I can feel it.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Trying to feel better with Pusheen!

I'm wrapped up in bed with a runny nose and a head that feels like a deflated football. It's not very enjoyable, but every now and then when I wake up from my heavy sleep I take comfort in the vast and glorious internet. So here I am, slowly dancing along with Pusheen the fluffy fat internet cat in hopes of feeling a bit better soon. It seems I have a lot in common with this cat while feeling sick. Eat everything, listen to music and sleep, lots and lots of sleep. I want to go to work tomorrow!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


 I've got a cold so I had to leave work besides having really fun and inspirational stuff to do there right now. I hope this thing clears fast. Something I always do when feeling under the weather is to watch one of my "feeling-like-crap-feel-good-movies" and my Juno DVD always does the trick.

I can't count the times I've seen it, but the music and the cute script along with all the even cuter outfits she wears throughout the movie I just feel happy every time I see it. I mean, I even named my dog after her. A dog I only had for four days before I had to return her to the breeder because she enjoyed biting my face off, but still!

Now I'll get back to resting in bed, maybe make tea and put on the next movie on the list, probably something out of my Ghibli collection.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Wolf armour, RAWR!

Me and the bear was playing assassins creed brotherhood this weekend and he was like: "there is a wolf armour!" and I was like: "Oh that's cool, but hang on, is it made out of dead wolves?" Well of course it was, most armour pieces are dead. So I started thinking....

Wouldn't it be way cooler to go out into the woods, hang out with the wolves for a while and make a deal with them. You get to feast on my enemies if you ride on my back and protect me from dangers. Deal! So I'd have two tiny, cute but still totally badass wolf pups on my shoulders and then big mama wolf on my back and we´d make an awesome amazing and totally lethal team of deadly badassness. Yep.. I'm a bit hyper because I ate candy for lunch.

Put your spring shoes on!

There was frost on the ground this morning, but the sun keeps shining and the snow is all gone. I know I talk a lot about the weather, but it's because it's got such a huge effect on my mood and my feelings in general. When spring arrives I feel more alive, happy and excited about stuff. I also feel more giggly girly in love than ever and it's kind of funny and embarrassing at the same time. But hey, it's enjoyable, so I'll just go along with it.

My plan was to bring my sketchbook with me to work today, and to start the habit of bringing it with me everywhere, but of course I forgot it because I was busy with other things this morning, such as waking up and digging out my old, brown converse and it feels so sweet to walk around on dry ground with these thin-soled shoes tied to my feet. Spring, hells yeah!

Sunday, March 4, 2012


Last night was fun but ended in some pain caused by the ground. Not pain for me but for the bear. Other than showing off his injuries I wanted to link to his blog. It's in swedish and very different from mine. Basically it's about silly first world problems brought up in magazines, and then bits and pieces of his life. But since I help him out with layout and photos it's sure to have a hint of Emmy in it. So if you´re swedish and curious, check it out!

Weekend Wishes!


It's a sunny lazy sunday and I really want some sweet coffee. I really want some coffee-coloured stuff too and some other cute thingys. It's been a good weekend and somehow my mood has been really good for a long time now. Oddly though my own creativity has kind of slowed down. I guess I'm distracted when I get home from work. I'm thinking of maybe starting to carry a small sketchbook everywhere and make myself doodle random things whenever I get the chance. Not every piece of art has be be a masterpiece after all. 

Friday, March 2, 2012

Sweet Artist: Ashley Wood

Ashley Wood was introduced to me when I was about 15 and I was blown away by his art back then and I still come back to it now and then for inspiration. I really love the somewhat dirty, chunky brush strokes and linework in his art. I love his version of Tank Girl and I have to get it for myself eventually. My friend has it and I'm so jealous! 

Ashley Wood is an Australian artist and illustrator and he's published some really cool artbooks and worked with lots of companies, such as konami to make the Metal Gear Solid graphic novel for the PSP which is totally awesome. Gah, such amazingness I tells ya!