Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Seeing hope

I recently put up a little note on my DA gallery that I do commissions again, and I'm overwhelmed with the positive response I've been getting. This is the first finished commission I do this year and it feels great. I made it for Tasha who has created this character, Willow, who is destined to change the world. Fleeing society and the burden put on her she is guided by a man who once shared the same fate. I have painted this character once before and now my mission was to paint an older version of the same girl, more wise and with more hope for a bright future. I'm not sure how much I can share of Tashas story, but I loved this quote:

"You must do more than make them listen, my young friend. You must will them, inspire them, to do what is right. Show them the brilliance that exists within you, and they will rediscover the brilliance that resides in themselves"

Now I'm in bed, tired after painting and eating the most delicious home-made burger of all time! It had bacon on it and well... Yeah, I'm just overly excited about food right now since I finally have a fridge after spending three weeks of hot summer without one. It was harsh!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

She calls the Crows

I've been feeling so down and sad for a rather long time about the fact that I haven't taken the time or had the energy to really sit down and focus on a single painting for a really long time. I can't remember the last piece that wasn't a rushed sketch. It went so far that I started to doubt that I was really able to do it but today I did. 

I've been alone at home tonight and while having nothing else to do I thought it would be better to paint than to watch TV or lazily watch other peoples art, growing envious of their creativity and bashing myself for not being productive enough. Yes, I do this despite painting every single day at work. It's not the same though. I need to use my own visions and my own imagination without thinking about gameplay, art direction or wether something will look good in 3D or not. 

So this is what came out of it. It took most of the afternoon and until now, when I go to sleep at midnight. Dark fantasy subjects has always been a favorite of mine, and I'm really really happy about this one. Good night!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I painted this ork this past weekend. I forgot to post it and for some reason I've been all distracted by other things. It was ages ago I finished any warhammer model but I've missed it. One of my problems is that I always get distracted and lose focus. However, I listened to the game of thrones audio book while painting and it really kept me focused on my task.

I really enjoy this kind of creative nerdery. I have way too many models to paint and they´ve been gathering dust for years but now I think I'm back at it. It's rather perfect when too tired to draw or do paintings for real. Hurts my neck and back like hell though, but there is just no good way to sit while doing this.

Thursday, May 17, 2012


A lunchour speedpaint I made in a rush from a really old sketch I had. I really miss paintign faerie-tale creatures and dark magical stuff. My job is all about bright, clean sci-fi which isn't my personal favorite. It's fun, but I get sick of all the white white white sometimes and just want to make something muddy, murky and dark.

This was meant to be some sort of fae-witch, originally with a hawk as her companion, but I didn't have time to paint both her, her body and the hawk in 30 minutes so I had to settle for the face. I like the sort of woky, askew look of her face with eyes set wide apart and that pointy chin. Playing with facial proportions is fun.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Getting it back

I felt bad yesterday. Lots of reasons I suppose, mostly the pent up stress from moving, spending almost all of my money on boring but much needed stuff such as paint, a new fridge and double rent. Also because even though my new home is really pretty and exactly as I wanted it to be, it's all new to me. it doesn't really feel like home yet and that makes me feel sort of uneasy.

I wanted to cure this somehow, so I decided to prime three new canvases with gesso and start working on a new traditional painting. The last two attempts haven't resulted in anything finished, but I hope I'll keep the creativity going with this one. I started with laying a really rough base last night right before bedtime. I'm trying to keep it loose and without fear of messing things up, just having fun with the materials. I really want this creativity to stick around because I noticed I felt a whole lot better about everything after starting this painting. One thing is for sure, I love love LOVE my little studio space. I think I'll be able to spend many nights, afternoons and weekends creating things here.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

My studio

Phew, this weekend has been utterly exhausting. Moving takes time and muscles, and good friends. We've finally gotten everything here and managed to unpack a whole lot. I was most excited about fixing my little home studio and now it's almost done! I still have some things to put up on the walls but all my supplies are stacked in my bookcase and my computer is up for painting, writing and photo editing. I love sitting here, it's really soothing with my favorite colour on the walls and windows all around me if I turn away from the screen. All those empty canvases are really making me eager to start some new projects.

All in all the moving and re-painting went well. It hasn't been pain-free and I've been stressed out of my mind, but I think I can finally calm down a bit. We're still waiting to get out new fridge since the old one was broken when we moved in... Typical. We can't really store any food at home now unless it's supposed to be room temperature or frozen solid. At least I have internet access and all my pretty things around me, that is enough for me right now. But... I'm getting hungry.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Hestens liv (horses life)

 "I am nice" - "Yum"
 "Can not sleep" - "Too many bills this month"
"Drawing, have no ideas" - "I found candy"
Horse is not enjoying himself.

 Sometimes my brain gets a bit fluffy and wacked out. That's when I tend to draw exactly what my brain looks like on the inside. Inside my brain lives a tiny tiny horse that has no friends because he is really tiny and  despite being cute, nobody wants to play with him because he is... tiny.

Yes, yes I know how this sounds. AWESOME RIGHT?! Ok, so I'm a bit hyper today, it's friday and we´ve been singing and dancing to weird songs at the office.

Monday, May 7, 2012

My favorite

Three days in a row I've been working on my new home. My mom came over to help me and the Bear with the heavy part of actually starting to paint. Today it was just me though. I had a day off from work so I bribed a co-worker with pastries to get him to drive me to the colour store and I bought my absolute favorite. Even though I worked alone today it felt like a breeze to paint when I got to do it with sweet turquoise!

It looks so messy in these pictures because the frame around the doorway still isn't there and there is lots and lots of dirt and dust on the floor from all the pre-work, but I'm starting to see what my place will look like now. I really can't wait to decorate the walls with my shelves and pictures. I'm even more eager to start little creative projects in this room. It'll be fabulous for shoooore!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Weekend Wishes!

This weekend I'm trying to find items that would go well along with light turquoise walls for my new work-space. My new apartment has a long hallway from the main door that includes a little space to put a dining table. Instead of that I'll put two big tables there and make the whole thing into a home art studio worthy of the name. I'll try to get the walls painted tomorrow, I'm doing it myself (for the first time ever) so I hope it'll be alright. To go along with the wall colour I want lots and lots of wooden details and random shades of brown and white. I think it could look really neat with the huge pin-boards I have with all my inspirational images. I'm super excited about getting started with the actual decoration of my new home!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Summertime Sadness

I'm not sad, but it feels like summertime and I'm listening to this sweet song by Lana Del Rey right now. It's really teasing to sit here with big windows right behind my computer and look at glittering water, trees going greena and the sun shining really nicely. I'll keep listening to music that gives me that summer feeling and just wait until my work day ends. I feel like a kid in school, just waiting for summer to start for real.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


A lunchtime speedpainting I made in about 20 minutes. It's so hot outside today and I just want to jump out the window, run home and then go out on my longboard and have a nice spring/summer day outside. Can't really do that though so I'll stay at work and draw lines until my fingers bleed. I'm not that far off to be honest. my pinky finger is all wrapped up in cotton to support it and prevent blisters since I sort of grind my hand into my wacom tablet by trying to control my lineart for 8 hours straight. Crazy I tell you!

Nice things

 It's been pretty stressful at home lately. Going back and forth to prepare the new apartment for moving in. We need to get rid of years and years of indoor smoking in that place. It reeks! Getting money to last through the month while having to deal with bills, double rent and all the new things we need to get also adds to that stress.

It's easy to get all worked up and tense, but yesterday was pretty amazing. The Bear got these pretty flowers that now stand on our kitchen table. We ate the tastiest bacon and omelette lunch and watched a sad documentary about dinosaurs. Pretty nice and sweet things that make the days better and help me relax despite my stress.