Tuesday, April 30, 2013


 Images. I live with them. Images I find outside of myself and the images that come from inside. I always come back to the same themes. You don't choose your own taste in art, photography and literature. It's all about youth, boys and girls with that certain kind of hard melancholia disguised by beauty. I'm deeply amazed by the emotions and ideas that can be conveyed through very simple imagery if you're able to look deeper than what you see at first glance. Some images stay with me forever and really have an impact on the way I see things or which direction I want to take in my own artistic expressions. Tumblr is a very nice community for gathering images and inspiration but I've found that to be it is way more than just a way of blogging and re-blogging pretty pics. If I look through my tumblr-blog I get all the memories back of what I felt like when I found and reblogged that specific photo. It's actually a much more personal and naked image of my emotions and thoughts than what this text-based blog is. I am and I've always been very open and honest here but I think the way of expressing yourself through a flow of combined images that you just find at random is a very interesting form of writing a diary. It doesn't say anything if you can't read between the pixels, but for a person who knows me and has some clue of what I'm going through I'm sure the symbolism, combinations of colours and themes will tell a very accurate story.

Some days I only feel like black and white. Other days there are rainbows of trippy colours, photos of ice cream and lollipops and the day after I post images of teary-eyed punk girls in bathtubs. I don't think any one single piece of art I've made or a single text entry on this blog can describe my whole person and personality as well as that tumblr can. Wanna see who I am? Take a look.

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