Sunday, April 28, 2013

Where have I been?

I don't even know... I don't even want to include a picture in this post which breaks my consistant theme of always having images as a theme for my words.

I guess my life, as always, has been confusing. I's actually quite amusing how I always manage to confuse myself in the strange situations I find myself in. Ever since I stopped being a terrified little lump-like rabbit person I've gone off on various adventures that really make my life a whole lot more interesting but then afterwards I don't even know how I got into those adventures to begin with. Being spontaneous is great though and I'm starting to realize that this kind of spontaneous bravery (or stupidity  depending who you ask) can lead me to unexpected places.

I've been completely exhausted from tight deadlines at work since the launch of Sanctum 2 is approaching fast. I've been so wrapped up in it all that I've sort of gotten lost in that creativity. At the same time I've been inspired to reach out and try new forms of creative outlets. I've gotten back my urge to really focus on writing. I have new found energy and dreams about making that art book / biography / poetry thingy into reality. I just need to start somewhere and I think my most recent adventures has given me that final push in the right direction.

I've always hated feeling stuck in one place. That nasty sensation of being too comfortable in a place or situation that doesn't really move forward as fast as you'd want it to. I've always reached my biggest goals and dreams when I've dared to take that giant risky leap of changing everything. I think I'm ready to make that change again, but I need some time to prepare. Sort of like packing my mental backpack before I set out on a journey. I don't even know what my goals are. I think the traveling is the goal in itself and I don't mean traveling literally. More like just setting my life back in motion again. The only thing I need to do is to decide on something, set my eyes on it and then GO GO GO!

Feels scary and good as all great things do.

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