Tuesday, November 19, 2013

New Chapter

I felt drained after writing my last post. It sort of felt like a summary of everything I needed to get off my chest and after that I didn't really know how to continue.

Life has been very busy too with merciless deadlines for Sanctum 2 ever since this summer. I had thoughts about starting up a new blog since I really wanted a fresh start. I've had this blog ever since.. yeah, it's really old now and it goes through several really difficult but interesting years of my life. I don't want to start a new blog but I do want to start a whole new chapter, so here it goes.

It's been almost exactly a year since I came out of the hospital and managed to fight myself out of an almost 10-year long depression. Heading into crazy happy hypomania for a while I got a real kick start into a new life. It's been an incredible year in a lot of ways. Ups and downs but in a way that has felt natural. Not the sick anxiety and sadness that weighed me down before. When I cry now I just cry it out. When I laugh it is sincere. It might sound weird to some but when you've gone around pretending to be fine for as long as you can remember this feeling of actually being able to handle your feels is incredible.

I've made so many new friends. Met wonderful and interesting people and kept myself busy with new experiences. I went to Emmaboda Festival this summer which was totally kickass awesome fun! I've dyed my hair so many times in various crazy colors that it's completely ruined now. Currently in the middle of turning it into dreadlocks so that it doesn't lump itself up on its own. I was worried there for a while!

I've been able to really bring all my imagination and creativity up to the surface again. These past months since summer have been really productive for me and I've been inspired by my amazing gurls JN and LD! Mah sisters from other misters, woop woop! I've been sculpting, painting, sewing and I even found the intense urge to pick up my doll obsession again. I've learned how much fun you can have while modifying and customizing kids toys like Monster High dolls. I got myself a new really tall and strange BJD from Doll Chateau to be customized into a doll version of Charlotte Wray from Sanctum 2. I mean, gawd, if I had been blogging during these months I would have had so much stuffs to show! Now I have to catch up and try to squeeze everything in because I wanna show you guys! I've been active on twitter, tumblr, deviantart, flickr and instagram though so if you've followed me there you've probably seen my tendency to spam my pics everywhere. If you haven't been following me there perhaps this is the time to do it. *hint hint*

So, since this blog was originally about posting all of the products of my random creative adventures, enjoy a whoooole lot of pictures of the various things I've been up to.