Sunday, December 22, 2013

My Dolls

I owe it to my friend Julia that I got back deep into the BJD hobby. I got my first doll back in 2004 after about 6 months of saving up monies to get one. I made clothes that I sold to be able to buy more dolls and I learned how to paint them properly, take better photos and make even more clothes! This hobby is really perfect for me in so many ways. If you don't know what I'm talking about then I'm sorry because it won't get more clear. This is one really nerdy hobby with lots and lots of references to doll companies, models and such stuffs. Google is your friend!

As it is right now I have two dolls and a half, as in I have two complete dolls and one head that will soon get a body. I have none of the first dolls I got left since I sold them all when I thought I wouldn't be interested in dolls anymore. I had so many other things I wanted to do and I focused more on my studies, my art and other stuff. Then about a year ago I met my lovely sister from another mister, Julia! Turns out she was active still in the BJD community and after seeing her dolls I got the urge back to dust off my old boxes, my sewing machine and start saving up that cash again.

My first girl is Lucy Lucid. She's a Unoa Lusis hybrid with a Doll Chateau body. She was originally a sleeping faceplate that I opened the eyes on which is why she looks quite different from a regular Lusis. I really love this doll. Her character is very much a doll version of myself. I use her to make clothes that I'd love to own and wear. She's got those freckles I wish I could get (if I was ever in the sun) and I made her a dreadlock wig and gave her cute piercings. Gaaaw! I can feel my doll nerd-level just rising as I write this. Forgive me.

My second doll is a Doll Chateau Youth Christina. I got her to create a doll version of the Sanctum 2 character Tsygan but since I feel like experimenting with her looks and such I'd rather make up a new unique character for her. She'll be the same dark, mysterious and slightly melancholy looking doll but yeah, we'll see what happens.

And my third, my new girl is Theo Bleeker, she's a Zaoll Luv head and will get a Doll Chateau youth body (first version) as soon as I've saved enough money to get it. I have no decent images of her yet since she's still a work in progress. I started working on her faceup yesterday. Can't wait to have her complete so I can start making clothes for her.

I have looooooaaads of doll photos on my instagram and my flickr. Just showing some of my favorites in this post.

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